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Our Core Values:



We listen well in order to understand your culture, those you serve, details of your unique circumstances and desired outcomes.

We keep on listening to you, striving for results that exceed your expectations.

Your long term goals are kept in focus, as well as more immediate solutions.


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We genuinely care about restoration, the success of your negotiations, enterprise, risk management, workplace or project.

We care about costs, tailoring our resource application to meet your needs and suggesting steps you can take independently.

We cut the cloth to measure.



Having integrity involves being even-handed and fair, and operating in an “above reproach” manner, while ensuring our service represents value.

We are committed to integrity with time recording.

We offer fixed fee where possible.

We keep you informed with the latest news regarding law firm changes, opportunity and covid-assistance with regular updates via this page.

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Our Legal Expertise

Educational institutions are in the business of shaping lives and culture. Watchful, prudent legal allies are essential to ensure the smooth running of these communities.

Committed to intentional listening, our lawyers will plan a strategy that fits your purpose, considering both the needs of those you serve and the safeguards required to protect your educational community.

Not-for-profit organisations require diligent, accurate legal counsel.

We are committed to listening in a deliberate and thoughtful way in order to understand your charity’s purpose, the community you serve, and your stakeholders.

The lawyers in our firm are all involved personally in not for profit organisations, often in a leadership or governance role, whether in local churches or organisations for the restoration of the whole person.

We recognise that the details of your enterprise, your intrinsic culture and your transactions are unique and so we listen well to you, seeking to understand what it is you need.

We aim to provide life-giving frameworks, building trust and positive relationships that result in even-handed, fair negotiations and successful outcomes for you and your enterprise.

Our core value of integrity is reflected in our time recording, our desire to provide accurate costings wherever possible up-front, our consideration of the right lawyer for you and close supervision by our senior practitioners.

In a fast paced business world, companies find themselves in situations that distract from their key Vision and Mission due to sales gone wrong, management and employment disputes, contractual mistakes, non-compliance or an unconscious infringement.

Our team is no stranger to lengthy, complex and costly litigation that can sometimes last years and takes its toll on enterprises and their leaders.

We understand the importance of Vision and Mission. We share the same passion. Our Difference is to understand your enterprise andfocus on a resolution that will help achieve your business goals.

A single moment on the road, a split-second on a work site, a fault in equipment or an institutional failure can result in devastating injury.

We understand the impact this has on families and communities. These individuals, in our view, need redemptive and restoring outcomes through a trusted legal advisor, experienced in compensation and employment law.

There is no difference for us in the attention to detail between a “minor incident” or a “major catastrophe” because our lawyers have worked on the entire spectrum and are focused on assisting you in your unique circumstances.

We understand the intrinsic complexity of family law and the accuracy needed to apply the law to your family’s unique circumstances.

We start by listening to you. Only then can we consider, evaluate and implement a legal strategy to resolve your family law matter without having to go to court.

Robust, precise advice will be communicated to you with clarity and practical insight.

We understand that there are occasions when employers need to act in response to inappropriate behaviour, or where they are placed in difficult financial circumstances. Employees also can be targets of unlawful discrimination or unfair dealings from their employer.

Genuine care for our clients makes our lawyers different.

We sincerely care about you and your workplace and will provide cost effective solutions.

There is an honest communication to the client about the merits, strengths and weaknesses of the case and where legal representation is not affordable, we will seek alternatives, such as self-representation with “behind the scenes” legal assistance.

We understand that decisions involving estate and elder law are stressful, involving complex legal and personal matters. At this time, our clients need attentive listening to their wishes and concerns, ensuring we understand the full picture.

Our lawyers care about our clients personally, seeking to reduce stress and aiming to deliver the very best outcome. We can even visit you at home or in hospital if you request this.

Our calling dictates that all our lawyers demonstrate integrity, compassion and discretion. When disputes are involved, we are always looking to reach timely and just settlements.

With criminal matters, we can walk through the process with you including initial representation in police stations, applications for bail, mentions, committal hearings, trials, sentencing and appeals.

From assault and drug charges through to theft, tax offences and corporate crime, we can assist with your matter.

We have a breadth of experience with assisting people who face charges of drink driving, unlicensed, dangerous or careless driving and disqualification.

Our clients value our focus on just, redemptive outcomes and how we “journey” through their situation, taking the time to explain the process and ensuring you are never left overwhelmed.

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What our clients say

Fi Jones
Finding ourselves in a very unfamiliar position we had the fortune to arrange immediate legal advice from Luke Borgert. Luke’s informed advice helped us move forward every step of the way with confidence in the process. At all times he was quick to respond to any questions we had. His determination bought about a very positive outcome for which we will always be grateful for. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Luke and the firm Corney & Lind
Ryan Boyd
I have been using Corney & Lind for upwards of 13 years now and they are outstanding to deal with on all levels. Their communication is prompt and professional, their staff are first class across the board and they always deliver on what they say. Highly recommended.
Jodie Dean
We highly recommend Barry Klopper. Barry helped us with our small business dispute and change over and we definitely couldn't have done it with out him. Barry is such a calming influence with so much experience and wisdom and we trust in his advice. We have definitely been recommending his services to friends and family.
Australian Pensioners QLD
Corney & Lind have assisted us a number of times over the years with various legal matters. Each time we have felt confident and supported in the resolution of these matters. Communication has always been prompt and professional.
Andrew Fa'avale
Delivered a high quality service with clarity, care and simplicity! Our non-profit wanted to change our legal status from incorporated association to company, and Nina, Jordan, Heilala & the team at Corney & Lind took the confusion, complexity and anxiety out of the process and off our shoulders, and stepped us through the process with ease. We are now set up to scale and drive further success thanks to the expert assistance from Corney & Lind. So grateful - will definitely refer others to your services.

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Management Committees must adhere to it’s Constitution regarding the scope of their powers, including membership admission. The following case demonstrates the important role of a Company’s Constitution in clarifying and limiting the powers of the management committee.   Singh v Brisbane Sikh Temple   The case of Singh v Brisbane Sikh Temple (Gurdwara) Inc [2022] QSC

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Are psychiatric injuries resulting from an employer’s reasonable performance management actions compensable? In short, almost never

Deshong v Workers’ Compensation Regulator [2021] QIRC 205[1] Facts The Health Council employed Ms Deshong as a social and Emotional Well-being Counsellor, which required her to be a Fly-in/Fly-out of Hope Vale, four days per week. Ms Deshong applied for worker’s compensation, claiming she developed a workplace-related psychological injury following a verbal assault from her

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Child Protection Update – Child Protection and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2021

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