About Us

We aim to deliver Just, Redemptive Outcomes®

Our Value Proposition is to deliver Just Redemptive Outcomes®

About Us

Our vision is to seek to provide advice and solutions that deliver redemptive, just and restoring outcomes, bringing order out of the chaos in this world.

We recognise the often devastating consequences that human error, institutional failures, fractured relationships, discrimination and other wrongs have on the whole person.  We understand the importance of life-giving community; or safe and healthy institutions, charities, churches, schools and businesses that shape lives and culture.  Cultivating wise decision making requires space, dignity, discretion and clarity around risks and options.

Our Core Values

We pay attention – listening well to the needs of our clients and responding in a timely manner.

We exercise care – knowing that we are entrusted with significant issues in people’s lives. Our responsibility is to be accurate.

We seek to have integrity – acting with honesty and openness.

Our Diversity

We have a range of lawyers and support staff who come from a rich variety of different cultures and countries.

Our staff enjoy various cultural heritages from El Salvador, Malaysia, Korea, South Africa, Colombia, Zimbabwe, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Fiji and Australia.

Because of our diverse backgrounds, many of us are bilingual and we understand that for many of our clients, both within Australia and across the world, English may be a second language.

If you or someone that you know has difficulty with English, we can assist you.

Please note that if your matter is particularly complex and contains documentation in a foreign language (outside of these languages), we may recommend the use of a National Accreditation Authority Translator Interpreter (NAATI) or you may wish to engage an official translator to aid us when advising  you.

What Drives Us

We are committed to being agents of justice and mercy in the community – seeking to make a positive contribution to the fabric of this world.

Our Logo reminds us of the fabric of God’s world. There is order … and there is wonder … (things out of left field that take us by surprise).

We believe that God has called us to make a positive contribution to the fabric of His world by being agents of justice and mercy.

Each of our lawyers believe in the call on their lives to contribute to the fabric of this world through measured, timely, strategic counsel, courageous advocacy and clear documentation.  This leads to just redemptive outcomes.

Where We Work

Our Brisbane based lawyers deliver legal services across Australia and internationally.

Work As Ministry

We see our work as lawyers as a ‘calling’ and part of our Christian Ministry & Missional Endeavour.

This involves prayerfully re-imagining the ‘market place’ as a God created and ordained context in which Spiritual Gifts are to be exercised in a redemptive way for the common good and the building up of the Church (gathered and dispersed).

What this means for you as a client

We are of course still human but clients do say we are refreshingly different – as we seek with God’s help to be CarefulAttentive and work with Integrity.

So whether we are drafting Commercial documents or assisting you in Dispute Resolution (including Family Law matters) you can expect that we will be compassionate, clear and those who work hard for good, right and just outcomes.

Our Difference

Read more about us by clicking on our booklet.

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