Structuring Options – High Point Advice conference with one of our specialists

We aim to deliver Just, Redemptive Outcomes®

If you are:

  • An existing “non profit” or Charity wanting clarity about your existing structure or thinking about restructuring; or
  • Thinking about forming a not for profit organisation or Charity,

an initial High Point Advice conference with one of our Brisbane based Not for Profit specialist lawyers will provide you with preliminary advice, answer your questions and map a pathway forward.

The conference with one of our specialised Not for Profit Lawyers (face to face or by phone) cover issues like:

  • What structures are available?
  • What are the pros and cons (including initial and ongoing costs) of each type of structure?
  • What tax concessions (Federal, State and Local) are available?
  • What tax concessions might you qualify for?
  • What other registrations do you need to think about to lawfully operate as a Charity?
  • Any specific questions that you have.

Want to book in a conference?

Contact one of our Business Development team

We now have a dedicated team of Business Development Officers to assist you in engaging with us. Our Business Development Officers will assist you with:

  • understanding what your need is and what your time frames are
  • identifying the best lawyer on our team for you and your need
  • explaining what it will cost
  • explaining what you need to do next and what initial information you will need to have for us
  • getting your initial appointment locked in
  • hearing your feedback so that we can always be improving our services

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Communication with our Business Development Officers is absolutely free. Call (07 3252 0011) or email one of our Business Development Officers (General Enquiry) now.