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Our Brisbane IP Lawyers advise in almost all aspects of intellectual property law including trade mark registration, acting in IP disputes and litigation.

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We can help with the following:

IT & technology legal advice and contracts

  • Service provider contracts
  • System provision and integration contracts
  • SAS (software as a service) contracts
  • Traps in up-time warranties
  • Back-up and Data Centre contracts

Software development & licencing

  • Success milestones
  • Mechanisms for Variations
  • UAT (defining user acceptance testing processes)

Technology & bio-technology

  • Joint Ventures
  • Licensing and Royalty arrangements
  • R&D contracts

Trade Marks

  • Your business name or company name does not stop someone else using your name.
  • A Registered Trade Mark is the best protection.
  • When your Trade Mark (or reputation) is infringed we can advise you on the legal remedies availiable to you (e.g trade mark infringement / passing off) and assist you in enforcing your intellectual property rights.


When you put your heart and soul into making something unique, it’s only natural you’d want to safeguard your rights.

We help clients understand what Copyright is, the different options for commercialising your copyrighted work and how you can defend and enforce your intellectual property.

Issues we can help with:

IP Protection review

  • We will visit you at your premises, review your operations & advise of strategies for protecting your IP.

Confidentiality / Non-disclosure Agreements

  • Before you open the door, consider having your guest commit to not mis-using what you are about to show them

Assignment & Transfer of Intellectual Property rights

  • Transfer
  • Assignment / Novation
  • Co-ownership

eLaw & eCommerce issues

  • How can I make sure that my on-line customers understand & agree to my trading terms?

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