Coronavirus & Just Redemptive Outcomes®

We aim to deliver Just, Redemptive Outcomes®

Here at Corney & Lind Lawyers we understand the devastating impact Covid-19 has on individuals, families and communities. We are and always have been dedicated to serving our clients, especially more so during this period of uncertainty. Rest assured that we are here to help support you through this difficult time.

We are committed to our Vision, which is to seek to provide advice and solutions that deliver Just Redemptive Outcomes®, bringing order out of the chaos in this world. 

We have heard and seen the negative impact of COVID-19 on businesses, individuals and communities. We know that this period is one where loss is acutely felt in our communities. Given the prescriptive nature where we receive updates and face daily changes from the authorities, be assured that we are all in this together. Even when circumstances, law and directives change on a daily basis, we will keep on top of the detail to serve you well. Our method of legal service delivery is changing to staff working from home, but we are determined to uphold our core values of attention, care and integrity, in our service.

To read more on our Vision, click here.

To read more on the Australian Government COVID-19 Health Alert, click here.  

Client Service – What are we offering?

The safety and well-being of our clients and staff remain our highest priority so to continue to provide a high quality service we are coordinating all appointments as remote appointments using telephone or online technology. In uncomfortable times, our client engagement team are able to support you in making these appointments as easy to participate in as possible.

What this means is that we will host appointments and meetings either as a teleconference or using any of the following web-based platforms: ZOOM, Skype or WhatsApp.

If you need to come into our offices, for example, to sign a document and have it witnessed by a lawyer, we do need your assurances that:

  1. You (and/or a member of your household) have not been diagnosed with coronavirus;
  2. You (and/or a member of your household) have not had contact with someone who has been diagnosed with coronavirus;
  3. You (and/or a member of your household) do not have any current cold or flu symptoms.

Once you provide these assurances, in complying with the Australian Government directives, we will use one of our office meeting rooms that allows for 4 square metres between 2 persons at any time (the maximum occupancy is 3 persons).

To comply with Federal and State Government directives, we are unable to travel for our clients both internationally and domestically until the travel bans have been lifted, but again are able to easily meet, share documents and work through your circumstances via our digital platforms.

Staff working remotely – how are we providing our service?

All our staff are enabled to work from home and connect to our network remotely. Our legal staff have always had the ability to work from home and have been set up to continue business services as usual as if they were in the office.

We have put processes in place to continue efficient service to our clients using various forms of communication, including hosting client meetings via teleconference or web-based platforms, including ZOOM, FaceTime (for Apple/iPhone users), Skype and WhatsApp. We will have skeletal staff in our Brisbane office to help facilitate urgent client matters.

Our current legal advisory has also been extended to providing advice to existing and new clients on the impact of COVID-19.

Have questions on our legal services relating to coronavirus?

We have created a central page that shows our legal service offerings as well as provide you with specific legal articles relating to coronavirus. You can access it here, COVID-19 Legal Support ; or contact us if you have any queries or call (07) 3252 0011 to speak to one of our client engagement team to assist you.