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Can a traffic offence be a criminal offence?

If you’ve been charged with a traffic offence in Queensland there is a chance that this may be recorded on your criminal history. While most traffic offences are minor offences, if the traffic offence is of a serious enough nature, it may end up on your criminal history depending on various circumstances.   If you

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Is terminating unvaccinated employees, an unfair dismissal?

The interesting case of Aucamp v Association for Christian Senior Citizens Homes Inc [2021] on unvaccinated employees and public health orders The mandatory public health directions regarding COVID-19 vaccination across Australia have left many employers in difficult positions with regards to the ongoing employment of staff members who are unable or unwilling to comply with

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Artesian Hospitality Pty Ltd v Tsuen Fung Holdings Pty Ltd (No 2) [2021] QSC 311

A recent Queensland Supreme Court decision, Artesian Hospitality Pty Ltd v Tsuen Fung Holdings Pty Ltd (No 2) [2021] QSC 311, serves as a poignant reminder to carefully consider the implications of  a Calderbank offer. Specifically, it examines the circumstances in which the refusal of a Calderbank offer is not unreasonable. Calderbank Offer and Costs

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1.         INTRODUCTION On 9 December 2021, the Uniform Civil Procedure (Preliminary Disclosure) Amendment Rule 2021 (the “Amendment Rule”) was assented to by the Governor in Council, and subsequently notified on the Queensland legislation website on 10 December. The Amendment Rule introduces a new chapter 7, part 1 to the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999

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ONLINE Smarts – Tips to protect you and your family?

The online world provides a space for entertainment, social connection, and educational opportunities for all members of the family. The connectivity allows families to keep in touch and widens the opportunity to learn and connect.   Online usage can be varied including:   The 5-year child playing on their favourite app   The 15-year-old joining Instagram to connect

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