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Kingdom International Legal Network (KILN)

In 2016, we were given an opportunity to be part of a “growth team” that helped develop the Kingdom International Legal Network (KILN).

KILN is a network focused on deep and abiding spiritual friendships for mutual encouragement in the journey of Christian faith as legal professionals. These relationships may result in mentoring, resource sharing and lawyer exchange programs. The strength of this network comes from deep relational life having its source in the Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), rather than structure and documentation.

Through KILN, we were able to participate in the pilot Lawyer Exchange and Development (LEAD) program where our James Tan (Associate) was sent to Shekinah Law in Suva, Fiji and we received Seruwaia Masi of Shekinah Law for an exchange period of a month. The exchange is unique in that there is no tangible financial benefit.  The exchange is counter-cultural in that sacrifice is often required. However, the character growth and maturity that results from sent and received lawyers (and their firms) shows that this experience is one money cannot buy.

KILN has now grown to over 70 legal Friends in KILN and we were privileged to be part of the KILN inaugural conference held on 26 – 27 January 2018 in Fiji. You can read more information on kiln.online

Coverage in Proctor Magazine of the inaugural KILN conference

Torn-edge screenshot of an article clipping of the first ever KILN conference as featured in Proctor Magazine

Volunteering abroad

Our lawyers have also had the privilege of travelling abroad to volunteer their time with not for profit organisations including:

KILN 2020 Conference, Shangri-La Fijian Resort, 24-25 Jan 2020.

Collage of photos from our international work with the Kingdom International Legal Network