ONLINE Smarts – Tips to protect you and your family?

The online world provides a space for entertainment, social connection, and educational opportunities for all members of the family. The connectivity allows families to keep in touch and widens the opportunity to learn and connect.   Online usage can be varied including:   The 5-year child playing on their favourite app   The 15-year-old joining Instagram to connect … Read more

Cyber Security for Australian Business

THE THREAT ENVIRONMENT In June 2020, the Prime Minister brought to the Australian public’s attention the vulnerabilities which they may face through unsecure cyber assets. He announced that, after attacks from a “sophisticated, state-based cyber actor”, the Government was on heightened alert to the relatively new threat to Australian industries and businesses. [1] The threat … Read more

Memorandum on information privacy law

Information Privacy Law as a Current and Evolving Issue  Due to Facebook-Cambridge Analytica, Lloyd v Google LLC, and COVID-19-related contact tracing regimes imposed around the world giving rise to widespread collections and exchanges of data and personal information, the concerns around the role and operation of privacy law has been on an upslope.[1]   Organisations such as schools, businesses, restaurants, cafes, churches and their related entities must pay attention to how privacy … Read more

Practical Guide to the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme (NDBS)

Background The NDBS was established in 2017 under an amendment to the Privacy Act 1988 (the “Act”).  It is monitored, regulated and enforced by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC). Does the NDBS apply to me? Entities covered by the NDBS include all entities that have existing obligations under Australian Privacy Principle (“APP”) … Read more

Cyber-security and Legal Risks

In January 2020, Allianz published the results of their annual Risk Barometer survey[1], which identified cyber incidents as (for the first time ever) the most important global business risk. It affirms cyber-security issues increasingly taking precedent as a concern for businesses.  Under the header of this risk, Allianz reported the following trends which are of … Read more