Challenging A Will – What I need to know?

Challenging a Will of a deceased Estate begins with identifying your relationship to the deceased. If you are the deceased’s spouse, de facto, child (including stepchild) or dependent, then you may be entitled to challenge the Will. By law, making a family provision application against a deceased Estate can include the deceased’s: Spouse (including de … Read more

Contesting a Will in Queensland

The distinction between what constitutes a Will and what does not can often be vague and ambiguous. In the UK 1926 case, Hodson v Barnes, a seaman etched his final wishes onto an eggshell. The inscription read: “Mag. Everything I possess. J.B.” [1] (Mag was the name of the seaman’s wife). Should an eggshell be … Read more

Dealing effectively with the passing of superannuation wealth

A recent Court of Appeal decision again highlights the importance of ensuring that your Estate Plan has properly considered how superannuation wealth is effectively passed to intended beneficiaries. This is becoming more important in the context of blended families and where a significant amount of wealth is in super. Preserving discretion may not be the … Read more