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Discrimination against a person, because of an attribute (your race, colour, sex, sexual preference, age, impairment or disability, marital status, pregnancy, religion etc) is unlawful (both under State and  Commonwealth laws).

If you believe you have been treated less favorably because of an attribute, then you may have a complaint of discrimination.

Additionally, if an unreasonable condition is being imposed upon you, and you cannot comply with the condition because of your attribute, you may have a complaint of discrimination.

Discrimination usually must occur in a particular area (such as employment, education, goods and services, club membership etc).

There are some limited exemptions to discrimination being unlawful, such as where it is a “genuine occupational requirement” or for certain religious bodies.

What matters have our discrimination lawyers acted in?

Our specialist Brisbane discrimination lawyers regularly act in discrimination matters, including:

  • Acting for schools that are the subject of discrimination complaints in the education area;
  • Acting for employees who have been the subject of discrimination/adverse action/bullying behaviour. See our recent case note on – Interim Orders and Injunctions in Discrimination Cases;
  • Acting for employers who are the subject of discrimination/adverse action/bullying behaviour complaints;
  • Advising employees and employers regarding whether employment contracts, policies, terms are discriminatory;
  • Acting for religious bodies in claiming exemptions with respect to discrimination complaints.

Early advice before commencing a complaint, or responding to a complaint, is crucial.

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