Brisbane Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution Lawyers

We aim to deliver Just, Redemptive Outcomes®

Our Brisbane Litigation Lawyers & Dispute Resolution Lawyers understand that disputes create significant burdens for business, organisations and individuals, re-directing your energies and resources away from your core business and activities.

Sometimes when a dispute (or potential dispute) arises all you need is some expert legal advice on your rights and obligations.  Our dispute resolution and litigation team can arm you with the right strategic advice so you can resolve a dispute.  Other times litigation is unavoidable.  In that case, our dispute resolution and litigation team is experienced in navigating clients through various courts and tribunals throughout Queensland and Australia.

Our approach to dispute resolution and litigation:

  • Strategic – Understand your desired outcome then re-shape this in early conversation against the achievable outcome and what the cost of time line to achieve that outcome might be
  • Responsive Care – The fight will be tough. We really do care. We do not cut corners but pay attention to the detail. We balance all this against the need to be economic. One of of our mantras is “do unto others” – if we were the client would we want to pay to have that work done?
  • Solutions – work with you each step of the way through a dispute with the goal of achieving a settled outcome as early as possible. We are experienced in, and welcome the use of, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures such as negotiation and mediation as a means for the effective early resolution of disputes.

Types of disputes we assist with and litigation we run:

Insurance funded Litigation

There are a number of legal claims that our clients find themselves on the receiving end of in relation to which insurance cover held by the client may respond. These claims might include:

Clients are usually at liberty to ask that the insurer funds the preferred lawyer of the client rather than a lawyer on the insurer’s panel. Insurers will not always agree.