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At Corney & Lind, we are there for you in all stages of the criminal law process. We know that being charged with an offence sometime come as a shock, and cause you to feel helpless. We can walk through the process with you, including initial representation in police stations, applications for bail, mentions, committal hearings, trials, sentencing and appeals.

Assaults and Violence

Assaults and violence covers a broad range of offences and actions, but it generally involves a use of force by one person against another. Usually charges are laid because in the view of the police, the force was not authorised or justified under Queensland law.

As these matters are often complicated, there are many defences available. For example, you may have been provoked or acting in self-defence.

Drug Charges

Drug offences normally fall into five categories:

  1. possession
  2. supply
  3. production
  4. trafficking
  5. importation

While all vary in seriousness, one thing remains constant across the range – the need for specialist legal advice. For example,  it is vital that you be advised before making any admissions, as these can have significant bearing on a hearing. There are also significant considerations around quantity of drug found and ensuring you are charged under the right category.

Break and Enter, Burglary, Theft, Stealing and Robbery

Theft, burglary and break and enter charges carry serious penalties in Queensland. In some instances up to and including 10 years imprisonment. Arguing a successful defence in these types of cases can be especially difficult given their invasive nature, and the dim view the Courts have taken to theft-related offences in recent times.

Domestic Violence

Our family law team has extensive experience in domestic violence matters. If you are dealing with allegations of domestic violence, please visit our domestic violence resource page or contact us to make an appointment with one of our Family Lawyers.

Additional Areas

In addition to the above matters, we also act in the following matters:

  • Corporate Crime
  • Fraud and Dishonesty
  • Professional Misconduct
  • Offences against Police
  • Workplace Offences
  • Tax offences
  • Public Nuisance
  • Alcohol related and Liquor Act Offences
  • Wilful Damage

If you are currently facing charges in any of the above matters, our experienced Criminal Law team are here to help. Please call our office to book in an appointment today.

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