Webinar: Litigation Funding in Family Law Property Disputes

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This webinar was presented by James Tan, Senior Lawyer, on 9 March 2016.

It is not uncommon for one party in a relationship to be in control of the finances of that relationship. This can leave the other party with limited funds to pay for legal expenses. Family Law is a complex area of law, and without the assistance of a lawyer, it can be immensely difficult for you to navigate through the difficult legal and Courts Process and obtain a Just and Equitable outcome for you and your children. Fortunately, the Court has powers to make Orders that can assist you in funding your legal expenses or your livelihood. Some of the funding solutions and topics that we will discuss in this webinar include:

  • A Strahan Order – Interim or partial property settlement;
  • Spousal Maintenance;
  • A Hogan Order;
  • A Dollar-for-Dollar Order; and
  • Legal Aid.

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