Webinar: Family Law Property Disputes & Settlements

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This webinar was presented on 18 March 2014 by Jessica Lipsett & Fiona Manderson.

In this webinar, they discuss factors in determining Property Settlements, Spousal Contributions & adjustments.

A (30 Minute) Webinar providing a general overview of Family Law Property matters in Family Law disputes, designed to give you an understanding of the major issues in your family law property matter, covering:

  • Time limitations to be aware of which may affect your property matters;
  • A summary of the approach used by the court to determine a final property settlement, including explanations of the approach towards spousal contributions and adjustments due to special circumstances;
  • Factors that may complicate your property settlement – when to seek specialist advice; and
  • What to expect from your first consultation with a family lawyer in relation to property matters.

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