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Broadcast 24 November 2019

This Webinar discussed

  • What are some practical recovery strategies before involving the Court?
  • When does variation of payment terms occur? Does an informal conversation with a separated parent count?
  • What are some tips for balancing the legal and pastoral relationship that a College has with parents?
  • What does Corney & Lind’s usual debt recovery process for schools look like?

Presented by:

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Broadcast 5 Septmeber 2019

This webinar discussed:

  • Case studies – Australia wide
  • Is it a criminal offence?
  • What is the age of criminal responsibility?
  • Is it a breach of privacy?
  • What are the duty of care implications?
  • Reporting obligations
  • How should schools/colleges respond?

The content will be relevant to schools Australia wide.

Presented by Alistair Macpherson, Managing Director.

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Broadcast 24 May 2019

This webinar discussed:

  • Common issues the Departments of Education look for when assessing Schools/Colleges.
  • Practical measures for Schools/Colleges to implement to be compliant.
  • What happens during a Department of Education investigation?
  • What are the relevant penalties and enforcement action(s)?

The content will be relevant to schools Australia wide.

Presented by Jessica Lipsett, Associate.

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Broadcast on 1 March 2019

Has the following been sufficiently addressed in the enrolment contract:

  • What happens in the event of a family separation?
  • Does the contract consider the family law and domestic violence legislation?
  • Have relevant privacy laws been addressed?
  • How do school policies form part of the contract?
  • Does the contract adequately set out the rights and obligations of the school, of the student and of the parent throughout the course of the enrolment relationship?

The content will be relevant for schools Australia-wide.

Presented by Fiona Manderson, Special Counsel.

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02 November 2018

Chaplains are becoming an important feature in Schools. Chaplains assist in holistic care and provide a supportive environment to children in situations of family turmoil. However, we are regularly asked about the employment status of Chaplains. Are Chaplains treated as an independent contractor, employee or can they be a spiritual appointment?

This webinar discusses the role of Chaplains; what is the best employment appointment for a Chaplain; the advantages and disadvantages of being an employee, contractor or spiritual appointment; and how such appointment will have a bearing on a Chaplain’s performance.

Presented by Michaela Wauchope, Lawyer.

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03 August, 2018

Disputing parents can unwittingly drag Schools into their conflict. Sometimes, parents take their disputes online mentioning the School as a place of common ground for children.

This webinar will look at the legal implications that communications in times of conflict and crisis can have on Schools. In conflict, reference to Schools is made either directly or indirectly by disputing parents, which warrants a response.

We discuss:

  • the laws on defamation
  • responding to statements without breaching privacy policy; and
  • how to negate a conflict situation with a robust social media policy.

This webinar is suitable for Principals, School Boards, Business Managers

Presented by Matt Shearing, Senior Lawyer.

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June 2018

School Boards have always had a duty to act in the best interests of a School. These waters can sometimes be ‘muddied’ where School Boards and affiliated bodies, like religious and charitable entities, share close association.

This webinar will discuss key considerations for relationships between Schools and related charitable entities.

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11 May, 2018

Australia’s new notifiable data breach scheme (‘the Scheme’) introduced significant amendments to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) on 22 February 2018.  Part of the Scheme introduced mandatory data breach notifications, that is, a requirement by Schools to notify individuals and the Australian Information Commissioner in relation to certain data breaches.  We have added an additional webinar to our School Law Series 2018 to explain how the Scheme changes will affect Schools and Colleges in the management, collecting and handling of personal information for students, parents and staff across a School environment.

This webinar will discuss:

  • Risks under the Scheme
  • What is a notifiable data breach?
  • What is the likely harm in the event of a notifiable data breach?
  • What are a School’s responsibilities relating to the Scheme?
  • How to manage risks with third party providers to a School
  • What are the penalties for failure to comply?
  • How to put a data breach plan in place

Download PDF slides.

23 March, 2018

Parents are understandably protective of their children. However, it can be the case that when a parent perceives that their children’s rights have been impinged upon, their interactions with the School can escalate.

This webinar looks at:

  • how to deal with high-conflict parents
  • how do you protect your staff from ongoing verbal and/or physical abuse?
  • how do you deal with conflict that attacks the professionalism of staff as individuals and the ramifications beyond the School gate?

This webinar is suitable for Principals, School executives, School Boards, School front line staff.

Presented by Fiona Manderson, Special Counsel and Matthew Shearing, Lawyer

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02 February, 2018

There is often a fine line between enforcing compliance with policies and the need to accommodate a student’s cultural and/or religious beliefs in a School environment. Failing to understand when indirect discrimination may arise can be a source of real difficulty for Schools across Australia, and can be particularly pronounced in Schools with a religious background or mission perspective.

In this webinar, we discuss discrimination direct and indirect, how to draft uniform policies considering discrimination laws; whether Schools can rely on exemptions; tension that may exist between uniform policies and having School open enrolments.

This webinar is suitable for Principals, Business Managers, Registrars, Bursars.

Presented by James Tan, Senior Associate and Michaela Wauchope, Lawyer.

01 December, 2017

Welcome to our final webinar of our 6-Part School Law Series.

Be it employment concerns, family breakdown or sickness, parents are frequently defaulting on their obligation to pay fees as and when they fall due. Unfortunately, there comes a point where the school needs to recover the unpaid fees.

We look at steps that schools can take to recover and minimise the impact of unpaid enrolment fees, and what clauses can be introduced into the Enrolment Contract to minimise losses suffered. How to effectively document a Compromise Arrangement (which effectively is an amendment to the enrolment contract) will also be examined.

We consider the risks of charging interest on overdue fees including unlicensed money lending under consumer credit code  and how to avoid them.

Creative use of Deductible Gift Recipient Necessitous Circumstances Fund money will also be explained.

Who will benefit:

  • Business Managers/Bursars;
  • Accounts payable staff.

Presenter: Michaela Wauchope, Lawyer & James Tan, Associate.

In this webinar, we cover help schools understand who really has to pay for the enrolment fees, who needs to consent to what, who is entitled to what information, and strategies and solutions that schools can implement into both their enrolment contracts, and their interactions with parents, to maximimise profit and minimise stress.

Who will benefit from this Webinar:

  • Principals
  • Business Managers/Bursars;
  • Enrolment Officers;
  • Accounts Payable;
  • Other School Executive Leaders;
  • College Board/Council

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This webinar will examine how to effectively use some additional DGRs to fund recurrent expenditure in the school including:

  • Library to fund all costs of the library including staff
  • Scholarship Fund to fund the fees forgone in granting scholarships
  • Necessitous Circumstances Fund to partially fund fee help

The value of adding an overarching “Public Ancillary Fund” which can become endowed and accumulate some income will also be unpacked.

Who will benefit from this webinar:

  • Principals;
  • Business Managers / Bursars;
  • Other school executive leaders;
  • Board / Council members.

Download PDF slides.

The performance of your organisation is largely dependent upon the performance of your employees (often in an EBA context) and contractors.

We are seeing schools having to make tough employment decisions that affect staff morale and create litigation risks (for example, moving an employee from a permanent contract to a 12 month contract). We’re also seeing the need for schools to more effectively (and in a non-discriminatory manner) screen potential employees during the recruitment process.

Some schools are also bringing in independent contractors such as occupational therapists and speech therapists.

We look at what steps a school can take to manage risk to the school when changing or ending an employee’s employment, renegotiating your EBA, and what steps can be taken to ensure that your employees and contractors are the best and safest fit for your school.

Who will benefit:

  • Principals;
  • Business Managers / Bursars;
  • HR Managers;
  • Other school executive leaders

Download PDF slides.

Outsourcing, licensing and sub-contracting are becoming increasingly important arrangements to Schools to ensure the provision of financially viable education-related services.

We are seeing Schools enter into these arrangements in areas from the tuck-shop and uniform shop, allowing a swimming club to use the pool, to bringing in external therapists and course coordinators.

We review the legal tips and pitfalls to help School Leaders negotiate and enter into agreements that will be able to protect the financial viability and the reputation of your school.

Who will most benefit from this webinar:

• Business Managers / Bursars; and
• Other school executive leaders.

Download PDF slides.

We are observing a number of trends that are affecting schools. The context includes increased competition, volatile incomes, blended families and reduced volunteer engagement.

The challenges for schools include default in fee payments, family law disputes, cost cutting, aging building, the need for alternate sources of income and capital, outsourcing, redundancies, discrimination and disability adjustments.

In this webinar, we discussed the two top legal challenges for School Leaders and what that means for the year ahead in 2017.

Who will benefit from this webinar:

  • Principals;
  • Business Managers / Bursars;
  • Other school executive leaders;
  • Board / Council members.

Download PDF slides.