UPDATE: The Australian Tax Office releases a Guide for Small Business Directors

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Along with the 2015 Federal Budget Reforms creating added incentives for individuals to “start-up” their own Small Business, the Australian Tax Office (“the ATO”) has recently released a Guide for Small Business Directors.

The guide is very helpful and provides Small Business Directors with insight into matters such as (without limitation):

  1. A Director’s key responsibilities;
  1. When a Director may be “personally liable” for the Company’s liabilities; and
  1. How to become or resign as a Director of a Company.

We commend this guide to Small Business Directors, to assist them in their operations of their Business.

Some other resources that may be relevant to Small Business Directors, prepared by our office, include:

If you require any assistance with establishing or governing your business or are a business start-up, please feel free to contact our office and speak with a Business Development Officer on (07) 3252 0011 to discuss your matter today.