Public Ancillary Funds – A “New” Vehicle For Public Philanthropy

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Public Ancillary Funds – A "New" Vehicle For Public Philanthropy

Australians are a philanthropic nation – statistics indicate that in 2010-2011, approximately 4.8 million taxpayers claimed a deduction for gifts to Deductible Gift Recipients (DGRs), donating a total of approximately $2.1 billion. The tax deduction benefit available to donors
undoubtedly encourages at least some of this generosity, and allows Australians to maximize their philanthropic giving.

Public Ancillary Funds are a vehicle that can be used to harness the generosity of the Australian public on a tax-deductible basis. These funds may take the form of public or community foundations, or may be established by charities as a means to fund at least some of their own charitable activities. The Australian government has given considerable attention to the promotion and development of the regulatory framework for public ancillary funds in recent years, and despite having strict requirements for both their establishment and continued operation, these Funds are an effective vehicle for public philanthropy.

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