Protecting Privacy – Checklist for Business Seminar

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Protecting workplace privacy is very important.  Privacy law is the law around the collection, storage and use of personal information about individuals by government agencies and businesses. It is primarily governed by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“the Act”). This Act has recently been the subject of extensive amendments, most notably the introduction of the Australian Privacy Principles.

Is your company subject to the act? 

Companies with an annual turnover of more than $3 million per annum are subject to the regulations imposed by the Act. Therefore, most workplaces will need to consider and if necessary, review their policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the Act.

Ensuring compliance with the Act in;

  • Management of employee data
  • Monitoring workplace use of internet and emails
  • Use of surveillance systems to monitor the workforce
  • Privacy policies
  • External systems
  • Swapping data
  • Compliance of outsourcing and Impact of cloud computing

This paper will address some main elements that Companies should consider and ensure
compliance with. Follow the link below to read the paper:

Privacy Checklist for Business – Legalwise