Proposal to alter the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003

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The Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation and Other Legislative Amendment Bill 2015 was introduced into the Queensland Parliament on 15 July 2015 in order to give effect to the Governments pre-election policy document Restoring the rights of Queenslanders injured at work.

If passed, the Bill will amend the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 (The Act) in various respects.

Notably, the bill seeks to repeal certain employer entitlements previously granted under the The Act. Specifically, the entitlement of prospective employers to seek information from the Workers’ Compensation Regulation regarding the compensation claims history of a prospective employee. However, prospective employees will still be required to disclosure any pre-existing injury or medical condition if requested to do so by their prospective employer.

The Bill also seeks to introduce provisions for firefighters that will deem particular injuries to be ‘work related’ provided that the firefighters have been diagnosed with a specified disease identified in the Bill, and have performed active firefighter service for the requisite period of time.

Update: The Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 was passed with amendment by Parliament on 17 September 2015. The amendments will come into force on the date that the bill receives royal assent. Various provisions are retrospective in their effect, and may be of benefit to particular workers who have been impacted by the operation of the common law threshold.  

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