PPSR Searching – tips and traps

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Here are our PPSR Searching Tips and Traps.

Given that:

  • Grantor details are not recorded for security interests in serial numbered consumer property (required to be registered by serial number which is not all serial numbered property);
  • If grantor details are recorded, the PPSR is case sensitive;
  • Migration from other registers (e.g. ASIC) has not been without technical issues.

a quick search of the PPSR may not be enough.

You need to consider:

  • Searching by serial number (when a serial number is required – e.g. motor vehicles)
  • Conducting grantor searches by multiple criteria including – Name (with case variations); ABN, ACN, Name abbreviations (with case variations)
  • Obtaining contractual warranties that the property is not subject to encumbrance.

How far you go and how many searches you conduct will be a judgement call based on the value of the property and the likelihood that it may be subject to a security interest.

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