Coalition Government still intends to wind up the ACNC – 20 November 2013

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At a Senate Estimates Committee meeting on 20 November 2013, Senator Sinodinos confirmed that it was still the intention of the Government to wind-up the operations of the ACNC.

Here is an extract from the transcript of that Committee meeting:

Senator SIEWERT: I have questions for both ACNC and Treasury. In terms of the future of the ACNC, there has been quite a lot said about potentially winding up the operations of the ACNC. Could you clarify whether that is still the government’s approach?

Senator Sinodinos: Yes, it is. The Minister for Social Services is undertaking some consultations with the sector about how that election commitment would be implemented and about what functions would go back to the ATO, what functions would be part of a centre of excellence located in his portfolio, which ultimately would be a body accountable to the sector.

Senator SIEWERT: What is the time line for those consultation processes?

Senator Sinodinos: He and I discussed this last week and he was intending to have his consultations finished before Christmas.

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