Five Tips to Prevent Injuries at Work

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Here are 5 quick tips to help prevent injuries at work:

  1. Risks – Understand the hazards of your job and / or workplace. This will help you take appropriate steps to reduce your risk of work-related issues.
  2. Training – Ensure you have received the adequate training for the tasks you are required to carry out.
  3. Breaks– Stay fresh, alert and take regular breaks to avoid concentration lapses.
  4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – It is crucial that you wear and use appropriate PPE to reduce risk of injury.
  5. Heaving lifting – Avoid trying to lift or carry heavy objects on your own. Check whether there is a lifting assistance in place before you attempt to carry the heavy object on your own.

If you are in management, continuously train new staff on risks within the workplace.

Early training will reduce occurrence and cap liability should the unforeseen occur.

Maintain signed training sheets or safety packages distributed to show dissemination of risk management information.

Want to know how to prevent injuries at work

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