Employment VLOGs

We aim to deliver Just, Redemptive Outcomes®

These employment VLOGs are video blogs presented by current / former staff with employment legal information.

The employment VLOGs are not intended to be legal advice.  

The Importance of an Employment Contract Review (For Employees)

Record Date: 22 September 2016

For a fixed fee quote on an employment contract review (for employees), contact us.

Employment Termination Redundancy

Record Date: 17 June 2016

Employment Contract | Independent Contractor Agreement

Usually our clients want us to take a commercial approach and focus on the “big ticket” and unusual aspects of a proposed Employment Contract (Agreement), Independent Contractor Agreement or Consultancy Agreement rather than getting bogged down in the minor detail.

We have introduced a new service called, “High Point Advice.” Usually in the space of one (1) hour (face to face or by phone) one of our Employment Lawyers will walk through the Contract with you, review the “big ticket” items, assess unusual aspects, make suggested amendments, answer your questions and give our advice.

Often this is all that is required.