Disposal freeze announced for Queensland Archives

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The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has completed its work and one of its many findings were that “inadequate records and recordkeeping have contributed to delays in or failures to identify and respond to risks and incidents of child sexual abuse and have exacerbated distress and trauma for many survivors.

In response to the Royal Commission’s recommendations, Governments across Australia are finalizing their responses and in the interim, have taken steps to improve this. For example; In Queensland, effective from 1 June 2018, Queensland State Archives has announced that there is a state wide ban on destruction of documents that might become relevant to an allegation of child sexual abuse.

This means that, any records covered by the disposal freeze must not be destroyed until the disposal freeze is revoked. National Archives announced a similar freeze some years ago. The disposal freeze not only applies to all Queensland Public Authorities, but also flows through to contractors and service providers that create, receive or keep records on behalf of a Queensland Public Authority. This means that if your entity provides or provided services to the Queensland Government (for example, Legal Aid, Child Protection, Disability Services, Domestic Violence, and the like) you will be required to also comply with the freeze direction – even if you don’t presently provide services to the Queensland Government.

We recommend that your entity consider whether you likely hold records that are caught by this disposal freeze, and if so, advise relevant employees and document the steps that you have taken to comply with the disposal freeze. The categories of records affected could be quite broad.

For more information, we recommend that you consider the Disposal Freeze announcement here or the Disposal freeze website.

Please also keep in mind that we expect that similar disposal freezes will be made across Australia, noting that other governments have already taken steps in this direction.

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