December 2013 – Tax Announcements for Charities and NFPs

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On 14 December 2013 the Assistant Treasurer, Senator the Hon Arthur Sinodinos AO, has announced the outcome of consultations over the backlog of 92 announced but unlegislated tax and superannuation measures.

In Australia – proceeding

Philanthropy — reforming the ‘in Australia’ requirements that apply to tax exempt entities. Re-states and clarifies the ‘in Australia’ special conditions for income tax exempt entities and deductible gift recipients to ensure that the relevant entities operate principally in Australia.  2009-10 Budget


UBIT – not proceeding

Not-for-profit sector reforms — better targeting not-for -profit tax concessions.

Protects the revenue base by ensuring that tax concessions provided to not-for-profit entities are targeted only at those activities which further their altruistic purposes.

The Government will not proceed with the measure to ‘better target’ not-for-profit tax concessions at this stage, but will explore simpler alternatives to address the risks to revenue.  2011-12 Budget


Definition of Not for Profit in tax laws – not proceeding

Definition of ‘not-for-profit’ in the tax laws. Provides a definition of ‘not-for-profit’ in the tax laws. 17-Apr-12

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Source: http://www.arthursinodinos.com.au/media/1353/131213_at_-integrity-restored-to-australia-s-taxation-system.pdf