Debt Recovery and Debt Collection

We aim to deliver Just, Redemptive Outcomes®

Running a business can be hard enough even without also having to deal with unpaid accounts.  Especially in today’s economic climate those accounts can remain unpaid for ever increasing amounts of time. Unfortunately, it can get to the stage where you need professional debt recovery and debt collection legal assistance to attempt the recovery of unpaid debts.

Our debt recovery and collection process

At Corney & Lind we have adopted our experienced approach to debt recovery, which is:

  • Commercial (we only recommend action which we believe will maximise your chances of recovery);
  • Ethical (we act professionally and do not engage in invasive or harassing tactics); and
  • Affordable (practical debt recovery options that can be tailored to your specific circumstances).

Unlike many debt collection agencies, we do not charge a percentage ‘success’ fee or take a pre-determined percentage of the monies offered.  Our approach is inexpensive and affordable. This may mean more of your debt is recovered and returned to you, and that you get the same professional attention no matter the size of your debt.

We offer a number of debt recovery options including: fixed fee letters of demand, Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal Minor Debt Claims, Court Proceedings and Creditor’s Statutory Demands.

Our experience can shape a practical, cost-effective strategy that’s appropriate for you, whether you’re a large business or an individual, and whether the debt is owed by one person or multiple entities.

Why not ‘cut to the chase,’ go straight to us and have a letter of demand issued on a lawyer’s letterhead with the confidence that your debt recovery will be handled efficiently and ethically.

Business Development Officers

We now have a dedicated team of Business Development Officers to assist you in engaging with us. Our Business Development Officers will assist you with:

  • understanding what your need is and what your time frames are
  • identifying the best lawyer on our team for you and your need
  • explaining what it will cost
  • explaining what you need to do next and what initial information you will need to have for us
  • getting your initial appointment locked in
  • hearing your feedback so that we can always be improving our services

Looking for a lawyer to handle your debt recovery issues?

Please feel welcome to get in touch with our team to discuss your challenges – and to find out more about how our commercial team can help.
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