Family Law: Property Settlement Documents Checklist

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Property Settlement in Family Law can be complex.  See our Document checklist to navigate this process.

When we assist you to finalise your property matters following the end of a relationship, there are a number of documents that we will need. If you are able to provide those documents to us promptly, it will mean that you incur less cost as we do not have to obtain them on your behalf, and it will also assist us to progress your matter promptly. If you can’t obtain them (for example, because they have been lost or destroyed, or are in the possession of someone else) please let us know anyway – we can help you to get the information required.

We have put together the a Document checklist of types of property that you may have, and the documents that we will need for each of these types of property. This list is not an exhaustive list, and should not take the place of a conversation with your lawyer about other property or assets and liabilities that may exist.

Download the Document Checklist

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