Child Protection Litigation in Queensland

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Last month, the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice announced the appointment of Nigel Miller as Queensland’s first Director of Child Protection Litigation (DCPL).

The DCPL is an independent statutory agency established under the Director of Child Protection Litigation Act 2016 that will be responsible for making decisions relating to child protection in Queensland. The formation of the DCPL comes in response to the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry’s recommendation that such an agency be created to facilitate child protection litigation. The main functions of the DCPL include:

  • Deciding what matters will be subject to child protection order applications
  • Types of child protection orders that will be sought
  • Litigation of applications

Newly appointed director Nigel A. Miller enters the role with a wide array of experience in legal practice with a particular focus on child protection and family law. Before his new appointment, Nigel was Assistant Director of Legal Aid Queensland’s Family Law Services and held the position of principal lawyer for LAQ’s children and young people for 5 years.

Work by the DCPL will be based on the cornerstone principle that the safety, wellbeing and best interests of the child are paramount. The DCPL aims to provide greater accountability and inturn improve outcomes for children and their families.

You can find out more about the DCPL here.