Do you have a debt dispute?

We aim to deliver Just, Redemptive Outcomes®

Unfortunately, not all debt dispute matters are resolved quickly through a letter of demand. Very often the debt can be contested, and even involve stressful Court Appearances.

Whether you have commenced legal proceedings against a debtor for the recovery of a debt, or have been served with a claim alleging you owe a serious debt, our experienced team of Brisbane debt dispute lawyers are able to assist in all aspects of your debt dispute.

We are able to advise you on matters such as:

If you are seeking to recover a debt:

  • What are the various legal actions available to you;
  • What are the merits and disadvantages of those legal actions;
  • What can you expect in the course of the legal proceedings;
  • How and what to do to enforce a judgment;
  • Steps you can take to maximize the recovery of your debt, costs and interest; and
  • How to address a defence that has been filed by the debtor.

If you are on the receiving end of a debt recovery action:

  • How to file, and what to include in, a defence against legal proceedings commenced against you, and the limitation dates you should be aware of;
  • What to expect in the course of the legal proceedings;
  • The implications of a judgment against you;
  • Implications on your solvency; and
  • Determining if there are risks to your personal liability if you are a director of the Company.

We are also able to appear in a Court or Tribunal (where permitted) on your behalf, and are also able to negotiate terms of settlement or payment plan for you as well.

Our delivery of legal advice on your rights and obligations adopts a practical and ethical approach to your debt dispute.

We also offer debt recovery and collection process as a fixed fee.  Our process for debt recovery is inexpensive and affordable.