Criminal and Traffic Lawyers

Being charged for an offence can be a daunting ordeal. Often, it is difficult to know exactly what to do after it has happened. Our Brisbane criminal defence and traffic lawyers are here to help. [xyz-ihs snippet=”I-need-a-criminal-or-traffic-lawyer”] Our expert criminal defense & traffic law team Our Criminal Defence and Traffic Law Team is headed by Alistair … Read more

Family Law

Parenting arrangements Spousal Maintenance Property & debt division Divorce Child Support Domestic & Family Violence and safety Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Corney & Lind News

Estate Litigation – Do you know how much power you are placing in the hands of your power of attorney? Family Law – Reynolds & Sherman [2015] FamCAFC 128 Family Law – Case Note Spousal Maintenance Sadlier & Sadlier [2015] FamCAFC 130 Estate Litigation – Recent Trends: Crisp Orders Wills & Estate – Top 20 FAQs … Read more