Bill to Address Domestic and Family Violence in Queensland

On 15 September 2015, the Coroners (Domestic and Family Violence Death Review and Advisory Board) Amendment Bill 2015 was introduced into the Queensland Parliament in response to the recommendations outlined in the ‘Not Now, Not Ever’ report produced by the Special Taskforce on Domestic and Family Violence in Queensland earlier this year. Legislative changes are … Read more

COVID-19 UPDATE: Leaving Leases and Resolving Lease Disputes

The COVID-19 pandemic came as an unexpected shock to the world. It has affected everyone in one way or another. One group heavily impacted by COVID-19 has been retail and residential tenants. In response to the effects of COVID-19 on retail and residential tenants in Queensland, the Government passed a moratorium. This moratorium dealt with the eviction of both retail and residential tenants (on the grounds of financial hardship suffered). … Read more

Ministerial Direction 90 and the Character Test from 15 April 2021

The Australian Government has introduced stronger measures surrounding the immigration character test for non-citizens applying for a visa to enter or remain in Australia. Commencing on 15 April 2021, Ministerial Direction 90 will come into force. This Direction strengthens the existing character test and sets out a range of considerations for decision makers in exercising … Read more

Coercive control: Should it be criminalized?

Coercive Control A little over a year has passed since Hannah Clarke and her three children had passed away.[1] This event has captured significant public attention which has led to discussions regarding the need to make legislative changes to prevent the recurrence of such a horrific act of violence. A particular point of discussion raised … Read more

Fadzai Mamvura | Lawyer

Fadzai was admitted as a lawyer in the Supreme Court of Western Australia in July 2018. Prior to her admission in Australia, Fadzai had considerable experience practicing law in her home country, Zimbabwe. Her legal experience covers working in the private sector, not-for-profit and statutory bodies in both Zimbabwe and Australia. Fadzai practiced law in … Read more