Personal Injury – No Win No Fee

We aim to deliver Just, Redemptive Outcomes®

This page provides details about the basics (conditions) on which we offer personal injury services.  The term No Win No Fee Lawyers is now widely used by law firms.  It is especially common in personal injuries cases where the injured person, with added financial losses as a result of an injury, often has little or no capacity to pay upfront legal fees.

At Corney & Lind Lawyers, we will give you a tailored appraisal of your case and its prospects.  Where we are able to provide our No Win No Fee services, we will provide our legal services without cost to you, until you receive payment in your favour for your case.

Brisbane No Win No Fee Lawyers

Where we agree to take on your case as No Win No Fee, we are also able to cover the cost of your disbursements (outlays) incurred by us in advancing your case such as – medical reports, searches, court fees and the costs of obtaining the necessary records to advance the claim.  The way we fund this will be through third party funding, where we, the firm, will bear the costs of the disbursements (and the funding costs) should there be an unfavourable outcome.

Whilst some law firms advertise not requiring third party funding as a selling point, at Corney & Lind Lawyers Brisbane, we acknowledge the lengthy duration some personal injuries cases take in order to achieve a right and just result. Examples of this are:

  1. where the injuries require ongoing treatment such as repeat surgery or multidisciplinary rehabilitation;
  2. where the case involves two or more defendants; or
  3. where other complexities requires more lengthy investigations.

In those cases, having a third party funding reduces the risk that commercial pressures could play a role in decision making.

Capping our Fees

We will always apply the 50/50 rule in No Win No Fee matters effectively capping our fees, even if the jurisdiction or legislation may not strictly require it in your case.

Where other firms usually charge an additional 25% “Uplift Fee” for the risk in carrying your case, at Corney & Lind Lawyers, depending on the nature of your claim, we give fair reflection of the risk being carried and record this clearly in our costs agreement with you before you decide to engage us as your lawyers.

At Corney & Lind Lawyers Brisbane we think it is only fair that an Uplift percentage be applied dependent upon the time it takes to achieve a successful conclusion to your matter. If your matter successfully concludes within 24 months of us being instructed to act for you, we think is fair that the usual 25% Uplift be discounted.

Therefore the following Uplift rates will apply:

  • successful conclusion within 12 months of us being instructed to act for you, 12.5%;
  • each month after 12 months, add 2% with the Uplift to be capped at 25%.

We do not charge an additional amount for “Care and Consideration”.

We do not apply a “blended hourly rate” for our legal team working on your matter. The hourly rate varies with the experience of the staff member working on your matter. This allows some of the work to be done at much more affordable hourly rates. This represents another saving to clients.

Committed to You

We are committed to integrity in time recording. We never “write-up” time. From an accountability perspective, full itemization of all time recorded on your matter is available to you.

Even if we cannot run your claim on a No Win No Fee lawyers Brisbane basis, we alternatively consider running your claim on a fee for service basis.

We often take over the carriage of matters where our clients have started with other lawyers. We are happy to consider this for you without cost.