Miranda Reid | Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

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Miranda Reid | Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

Miranda has over 20 years experience in the mental health sphere, providing assistance in both the public and private sector. She has provided assistance to people suffering from domestic violence and youth homelessness, and she has worked in hospitals and community centres. As an accredited Mental Health Social Worker, she is able to provide the option for a Medicare rebate to persons with a GP mental health care plan.

Miranda provides counselling at two locations in Brisbane – Ashgrove Community Care at Waterworks Road, and here at the offices of Corney & Lind Lawyers. With her years of experience, Miranda knows how important counselling can be to a person’s wellbeing. Counselling can be a way to relieve the build up of emotional strain and to express, reflect and give attention to your feelings within circumstances. It can also provide an avenue to learn more about yourself and your emotions. Counselling can also help with processing thoughts and emotions, and can generate ideas for problem solving and other strategies.

Miranda knows the importance of providing a safe space to allow clients to freely partake in their counselling sessions. She provides a non-judgemental, considerate, and confidential service. There will be no information sharing about clients between Miranda and Corney & Lind.

Miranda’s goal for all her clients is to promote positive mental health and emotional growth. She knows that this can take time and courage, and that it can be painful, but her experience shows that with the proper support, clients can move through difficult times in a positive and healthy manner.

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