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Commencing 30 March 2021, Simon Mason and the team at Summit Migration have merged with Corney & Lind Lawyers. We are excited to continue to offer our clients the same exceptionally high level of service and professionalism and look forward to working with you to resolve your migration matters. 

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Migration Law

Migration is a global phenomenon that has been central to Australia’s growth and development as a nation. Migration has powered our economic growth, strengthened and diversified our culture and vastly expanded the opportunities within our nation.

At Corney & Lind we are inspired and energized by a vibrant and multicultural vision of Australia. Immigration enriches our nation and will continue to strengthen us as a people.

Australian Migration law is a fast-changing and highly complex area of law. Immigration applications are frequently refused on a range of grounds. The criteria for visa approval are becoming more demanding each year. Mistakes can lead to significant delay, costs and may even cause you to lose your right to remain and settle in Australia.

When it comes to your future, you deserve the security and peace of mind that comes with relying on an immigration expert.

Our migration lawyers in Brisbane regularly deal in migration law areas related to:


With our borders closed to almost all migrants and in the current period of uncertainty over the length of closure, Corney & Lind can assist visa holders who are at risk of breaching their visa conditions and/or are being separated from their family, in remaining lawful and compliant.

The Department of Home Affairs is still cancelling and refusing visas, which means that many migrants require unique and creative solutions to remain lawful and resume a durable pathway to residency.

For visa holders or applicants who are offshore we have been assisting with creative solutions to secure your entry into Australia.

We can assist by forensically reviewing the law to ensure that you are advised of the best pathway to secure residency in Australia.

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Merits Review and Judicial Review

Even the best applications can from time to time be refused. Sometimes life happens and you may find yourself on the receiving end of a visa cancellation.

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) conducts independent merits review of administrative decisions made under Commonwealth laws. Refusal and cancellation decisions are regularly overturned at the AAT.

Even decisions that are affirmed at the AAT can be reviewed in the Federal Courts.

A refusal or cancellation is something that everyone dreads receiving, but if you act quickly and choose the right representative, it does not have to mean the end of your migration journey.

If you have received a refusal or cancellation, it is imperative that you act urgently to seek immigration advice. Contact us on (07) 3252 0011 or fill out an intake form.

Skilled and Employer Sponsored Migration

The Australian skilled migration program is increasingly driven by the demand of Australian businesses for skilled workers unavailable in the local labour market. Likewise, this program is increasingly directed towards uniquely skilled and talented innovators in emerging new industries. These changes are driving a uniquely heighted competitiveness and scrutiny in the skilled migration program.

It is essential that you receive migration advice to position yourself to maximise your chances of a skilled migration outcome.

If you are an employer considering sponsoring a migrant worker, we understand the necessity of ensuring the ongoing availability of critically skilled workers who can continue to support the growth of your busines or non-profit. 

Corney & Lind migration lawyers act for both sponsoring employers and migrant workers. This approach gives us a full perspective of the sponsorship process to service you to create solutions for every business. Employers can fill out a sponsoring employer intake form and employees can fill out a general intake form.


When it comes to Citizenship we understand the need for security and certainty and will fight to safeguard your rights.

There are a surprising number of pathways to Citizenship in Australia. Papua New Guinean visa holders born in previous Australian territories, long-term New Zealand visa holders, previous citizens, children of permanent residents, and even children born onshore to temporary visa holders should all seek migration advice about their entitlement to Australian Citizenship.

Likewise, many applicants with character issues, a history of visa refusal or cancellation, or applicants applying for a protection visa may experience significant difficulty applying for citizenship and should seek legal advice.

Humanitarian Visas

At Corney & Lind, we believe that every person deserves the opportunity to live without persecution and without the risk of serious harm, regardless of their ethnicity, belief, political opinion, or sexuality. We believe that social justice means doing to others as we would have them do to us and treating others as we would wish to be treated in their position. It is only by an accident of latitude that we are not in a similar place of need.

Australia’s refugee program is extraordinarily complex and heavily contested. Refugee claims are regularly rejected, and visas refused or cancelled. Given the political nature of these applications, there are a range of entailing complexities. Our migration lawyers know what it takes to present asylum claims at their strongest position and maximise your chances of a positive outcome. We frequently join with our referring partners to craft tailored solutions for individuals who may need specific legal support or representation.

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Partner Visas

It is the entitlement of every Australian citizen or permanent resident to have their spouse or de facto partner obtain permanent residency in Australia. A partner visa gives effect to that entitlement to create a pathway to permanent residency (and ultimately citizenship).

There are several pathways through Australia’s partner visa program. Our migration lawyers will be able to guide you at every step including in preparing all your support documentation and relationship evidence. If you are daunted by the level of paperwork and evidence required, we can assist you at every step.

We understand the security that comes with knowing that you will remain with or be reunited with your loved ones and will fight for you to have a successful outcome. Fill out our partner visa intake form today.

Business and Investment visas

If you have a history of investment or business ownership, there are unique pathways available to you under Australia’s migration program. These visas are specifically designed to lead to permanent migration outcomes. Uniquely, these visas may allow you to migrate even if you have passed the age cap of the skilled and employer sponsored programs. Talk to us today to find out how we can assist you through these pathways.