Can I travel interstate and internationally in 2022?

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a drastic impact on interstate and international travel.

In Australia, there have been strict travel requirements including the closure of interstate and international borders. The control of border entry requirements is administered by the state and territory governments and subsequently rules varies from state to state.

In 2022, Queensland has relaxed its rules with the easing of travel restrictions and this page provides an update on travel into and out of Queensland.

Are there any travel restrictions from entering Queensland interstate?

From 1am AEST 15 January 2022, all domestic border travel restrictions will end and entry to Queensland will be permitted from anywhere in Australia. [1]

For interstate travellers, this means upon entering Queensland:

  • You will no longer have to apply for a border pass
  • You will not be required to return a negative COVID-19 test upon entry
  • You will not be required to quarantine if unvaccinated 

Are there any vaccination requirements when entering non-essential venues in Queensland?

Proof of vaccination will be required for those entering non-essential venues.

Non-Essential Venues include:

  • Hospitality Venues including Hotels, Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Cafes
  • Indoor Entertainment including nightclubs, concerts, theatres, karaoke bars or cinemas
  • Outdoor Entertainment activities including sporting stadiums, theme parks
  • Vulnerable Settings including hospitals, residential aged care, disability accommodation services, prisons
  • Festivals including Indoor or outdoor festivals such as musical festivals, arts festivals
  • Queensland Government owned galleries, museums or libraries

Visit the Queensland Government Website for more information about Restrictions for Unvaccinated People

What are the entry requirements for travelling to Queensland from an international location?

Fully Vaccinated International Arrivals

From 1am AEST Saturday 22 January, fully vaccinated international arrivals must take a Covid-19 test within 24 hours after arrival. If they test negative, they will not be required to quarantine. While they await a result, they are able to quarantine in other accommodation or at home. [2]

If they test positive they should follow First steps if you have COVID-19.

Unvaccinated International Arrivals

If unvaccinated, international arrivals are required to quarantine for 14 days. [3]

Do I need a travel exemption to travel to and from Australia in 2022?

Fully vaccinated permanent residents, Australian citizens and eligible visa holders are able to travel to and from Australia without a travel exemption. [4] Children under 12 and unvaccinated individuals with medical reasons are also able to travel overseas without an exemption.

Can I still travel overseas if I’m unvaccinated?

Unvaccinated Australian citizens and permanent residents must apply for an exemption to leave Australia. [5]. If you require an exemption, you can apply online and must meet at least one of following criteria: 

  • your travel is as part of the response to the COVID-19 outbreak, including the provision of aid
  • your travel is for your business/employer
  • you are travelling to receive urgent medical treatment that is not available in Australia
  • you are travelling outside Australia for a compelling reason for three months or longer
  • you are travelling on compelling or compassionate grounds
  • your travel is in the national interest
  • you are ordinarily resident in a country other than Australia.

Can I enter Australia if I am unvaccinated?

If you are unvaccinated and hoping to enter Australia, you will require an exemption and can apply online

**NB. Please note that at the writing of this article, the information was current as per the Queensland and Australian Government resources used. As the rules change, we will update and amend the article accordingly

[This article was updated by the author on 19/01/2022]



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