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Public Webinars

Churches and Chaplains - an HR and Employment Law Perspective

Presented by Melissa Binks

Does Your School Enrolment Contract and Policies Need Reviewing?

Schools with Chaplains – Are They Independent Contractors or Employees?

Presented by Michaela Vaughn & Natasha Duff

Legal Aspects of Managing a PR Crisis

Presented by Matthew Shearing

How the New Notifiable Data Breach Scheme Affects Your School

Dealing with High Conflict Parents

Presented by Fiona Manderson & Matthew Shearing

Uniform Policy and Other Policies - Exclusion & Discrimination

Managing Parent Debts

Impact of Family Law on Enrolments

Structuring to Move DGR Money to the Recurrent Expenditure of School Operations

Top Employment and Independent Contracting Tips for Schools

Presented by Natasha Duff

Outsourcing, Contracting and Licensing - Pitfalls and Tips

Top Current Legal Challenges Facing School Leaders

PPSA - Contractors Beware: Are You Signing Away Your PPSA Rights?

Presented by Jacques Nel

PPSA - Secured Parties Enforcing Security Interests

Presented by Jacques Nel

Experts in the Family Law Arena: Rights, Duties and Expectations

Presented by Emario Welgampola

PPSR - Curing Defects in PPS Registration

Presented by Jacques Nel

Will Making 101

Enduring Power of Attorney 101

PPSR - Group Structures With Holding & Trading Companies

Presented by Jacques Nel

PPSR - PMSIs and Retention of Title

Presented by Kathleen Watt & Jacques Nel

PPSR Essentials & Registration Tips

Litigation Funding in Family Law Property Disputes

Managing Common Legal Issues at the End of a Commercial Lease

Company Directors - Some Key Risks and How to Manage Them

The Recent Developments in Queensland Property Legislation

Charities: Land Tax Exemption for Vacant Land

Discretionary and Family Trust Assets in Family Law Disputes

Presented by James Tan & Mark Northage

Social Media & Privacy in the Workplace

Aged Care Act Reforms (Commonwealth)

Retail Shop Leases & Commercial Leases: Top 10 Legal Issues to Consider Before You Sign

Presented by Mark Northage

Why you Need a Trade Mark to Protect Your Business Name or Company Name

New to Employment: Some Matters to Consider - The Employee Perspective

Charities - Are You Getting the Land Tax Exemption You Are Entitled to?

Commercial Shareholder Disputes & Separating a Business

Presented by Mark Northage

Testamentary Discretionary Trusts (TDTs) in Estate Planning

Five Key Estate Planning Steps That Will Save Your Loved Ones Thousands of Dollars

Unfair Dismissal - Rights of Employers & Employees

Registered Charities - A Heads Up on Financial Reporting

Presented by Kensie Corney

Managing Bullying in the Workplace or Recourse to the Fair Work Commission

Practical Governance - 'Need to Know' Governance Insights for Your Church Board

Presented by Andrew Lind, Graham Corney & Kensie Corney

Challenging A Will - What Do I Need To Know?

Family Law Property Disputes & Settlements

Registered Charities: A Heads Up

Presented by Kensie Corney

Privacy Law Changes for Business & Not-For-Profit Clients

Redundancy: What it Means for Employers & Employees?

Starting an Application in QCAT

Business Sale Via "Share Sale" Rather Than "Asset Sale"

Presented by Mark Northage

PPSR Registration Tips

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