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Family Law Rules: Financial Disclosure in Family Law

When partners separate, one of the most painful issues is how to divide the assets and liabilities accumulated before, during and after the end of the relationship. Adding to the complexity are questions around what you have to disclose to the other party about your financial position. The Obligation The Family Law Rules 2004 and

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Can My Ex Take My Child Overseas?

The separation of parents can often be a difficult time, particularly when it involves one parent wishing to take a child overseas. During the parental dispute, a risk may arise that one parent may take the child overseas without the other parent’s consent with the intention of not returning the child . Fortunately, you can

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Want Your Money Back? Talk to A Debt Collection Lawyer

There is often a legal solution for any debt predicament – whether it takes the form of an unpaid invoice, loan, wage, or rental fees. The debtor can be an individual or a company and the dispute can be over a large, small, fixed, or unfixed sum of money – with or without interest payable.

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Top 18 Questions About Will Disputes and Estate Litigation

Will disputes can arise for a number of reasons. Here are some matters you may need to review when considering contesting a Will, or even at the time of making your own Will. What Do I Do If I Feel I Have Been Unfairly Left Out of a Will? Contesting the Will of someone who

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Cybersquatting and Domain Name Disputes in Australia

What Is Cybersquatting? The practice of domain name squatting or cybersquatting has been common since the onset of the dotcom boom and has not ceased with the passing of time. It creates headaches both for established enterprises and new businesses. As there are no stringent checks placed on those seeking to acquire a domain, cybersquatting

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Daddy or Donor?

Lessons From Massons v Parsons The High Court of Australia has recently ruled on appeal a sperm donor to be the legal father of an 11-year-old child after he was actively involved in her life. The case with the pseudonym of Massons v Parsons [2019] HCA 21 involved a 49-year-old man who agreed to donate

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