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I’ve Received a Contract. Do I Need an Employment Contract Lawyer?

Short answer — yes, you might need an employment contract lawyer to review your contract. Entering into a new employment opportunity can be exciting, particularly if you have found your dream job. You’ve made it through the interview process and they have finally called to offer you the job. What comes next? You will likely

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Setting Aside a ‘Pre-nup’ Agreement in Australia

Case Note: Fredrick v Fredrick (2019) FLC 93 Fredrick v Fredrick (2019) FLC 93 (‘Fredrick’) is a recent appeal case to the Full Family Court of Australia regarding a dispute over whether a Binding Financial Agreement (‘pre-nup Agreement’) could be set aside. In this case, Mr and Mrs Fredrick entered into a pre-nup Agreement in

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False and Misleading Statements or Representations in Retail Shop Leases

The Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 (Qld) provides relief for a tenant to be paid (by the landlord) “reasonable compensation for loss or damage suffered by the [tenant] because… the [tenant] entered into the lease, including a renewal or assignment of the lease, on the basis of a false or misleading statement or misrepresentation made

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The Consultation period on the Religious Discrimination Bill 2019 Exposure Draft has now closed

In his speech opening the consultation period for the Religious Discrimination Bill 2019 Exposure Draft, the Attorney-General and Minister for Industrial Relations, The Hon Christian Porter (29 August 2019) stated that: The Bill accepts as its starting point that the right to free religious expression (like other rights) exists in perpetuity and indivisibly with our

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