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Challenging A Will – What I need to know?

Challenging a Will of a deceased Estate begins with identifying your relationship to the deceased. If you are the deceased’s spouse, de facto, child (including stepchild) or dependent, then you may be entitled to challenge the Will. By law, making a family provision application against a deceased Estate can include the deceased’s: Spouse (including de

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Budget 2020-21: Potential Changes to Australian Partner Visas

The release of the 2020-21 Federal Budget detailed significant changes to the ability of migrants to apply for and be granted Australian partner visas. Foremost amongst the changes are requirements associated with the family sponsorship framework following the Migration Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Act 2018 (Cth). This article details the substantive changes made

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How to protect your business: Gen Z and their side hustles

The financial impact of COVID-19 has been significant and, in many cases, has had flow-on impacts on job security generally. With finances being an ever-present concern for most as they consider buying their first home, an investment property or the ultimate of financial independence, it is no surprise that millennial employees have a side hustle.

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Travis Barnes v Castlemaine Church of Christ [2021] FWC 2493

In the recent case of Travis Barnes v Castlemaine Church of Christ [2021] FWC 2493 the application of the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code (“the Code”) was found not to apply despite being a small church with limited part time staff as the number of employees of the associated movement of the employer were included

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BUDGET UPDATE: Home deposits as low as 2%? The proposed measure to support single mothers and parents

At present, the Australian housing market presents a major challenge for the Federal Government. There is a significantly high demand for acquiring housing and property, whilst very little supply is available. This is especially problematic for disadvantaged members of society, such as single parents (especially mothers) with children – balancing supporting a household by themselves,

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