High point legal advice conference – PPSA & PPSR (Personal Property Securities Act and Register)

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With the advent of this new game-changing system, we are offering a High Point advice conference with one of our lawyers. This conference would be tailored to your enterprise but could be expected to cover the following matters:

  • Understanding your enterprise – what you supply and when and on what terms you are paid for that supply; what you buy (or consume); your group structure; and your current external borrowing arrangements. We develop this understanding by asking you a number of questions. This will allow us to focus in on the points at which there may be PPSA & PPSR issues for you and your enterprise.
  • Overview of how the PPSA & PPSR works in your context (this will be tailored to focus on the issues relevant for your enterprise).
  • PPSA issues as supplier:
    • When do you seek to rely on retention of title rights?
    • When can you and when can’t you rely on the PPSA 24 month transitional security interest period? You should not assume that you can automatically rely on this.
    • When do you need to register a security interest before the supply of your personal property to your clients/customers?
    • When should you consider registering your security interest as a PMSI?
    • What changes to your terms and conditions of trade do you need to consider making?
  • PPSA issues as buyer:
    • Suppliers to you will no doubt want to register security interests over you.
    • How should those security interests be limited and should there be a positive obligation of release?
  • Answering any specific questions that you may have.

Failure to properly register security interests may lead to a loss of property that is owned by you but in the possession of someone else. Title is no longer “king”. It makes sense to make a modest investment to obtain some tailored PPSA and PPSR advice.

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