I’ve Received a Contract. Do I Need an Employment Contract Lawyer?

Short answer — yes, you might need an employment contract lawyer to review your contract.

Entering into a new employment opportunity can be exciting, particularly if you have found your dream job. You’ve made it through the interview process and they have finally called to offer you the job.

What comes next?

You will likely be presented with an employment contract, which can be quite daunting. Often this contract consists of pages of terms and conditions setting out the framework of your employment — these kinds of documents could be difficult to understand.

What is an Employment Contract?

An employment contract sets out the rights and responsibilities that you as the employee, and your employer will need to abide by.

Employment contracts need to be entered into with careful consideration. If drafted well, it will likely provide certainty around important questions such as:

  • Am I able to leave my job without penalty if I have entered into a fixed term contract?
  • Will I have to pay back relocation and job training if I leave?
  • Am I restricted from doing the same thing in proximity to my old workplace?
  • How much notice do I have to give if I find a better job or my situation changes?
  • What are my rights on termination or redundancy?
  • What responsibilities do I have around confidentiality and privacy?

If there are conditions in your employment contract that you have agreed to but not really understood and down the track you decide they are unfair or do not suit your new circumstances, your options may be limited.

I Don’t Understand What All These Terms and Conditions Mean.

Your employment contract will describe your and your employer’s duties and obligations. It may also contain a position description about your new role.

It’s always best to get an employment contract lawyer to review your employment contract before you sign on the dotted line so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Some jobs will comply with a relevant award which will set out employment factors such as minimum wage, leave entitlements and what happens in the event of termination.

These awards may need further interpretation.

How Can an Employment Contract Lawyer Help You?

Be in the know!

You can make an informed decision by knowing what you are signing up for.

Having an employment contract lawyer review your employment contract before you sign it can provide you with confidence in negotiating terms and conditions you are unsatisfied with, and ultimately peace.

Know exactly where you stand on important issues.

Contact us for an appointment with our Employment Team today.

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