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Archives of the Corney & Lind School & Education Law Review electronic publication.

The School & Education space is constantly changing for those that work and operate within its sphere.

This C&L School & Education Law Review archive is the central place to access our quarterly review publication for our School Law clients and/or for School Executive Leaders, Principals, Administration, Bursars, HR, Accounts Payable that may need interested in reading our take on School and Education law issues as they arise.

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  • Issue 2, 2022
    Child Protectionn Update, Can you be terminated for personal texting during work hours? School CPD Presentations & Webinars.
  • Issue 1, 2022
    Legal Update, Managing staff and their wellbeing in hybrid workplaces, Is terminating unvaccinated employees an unfair dismissal. Reviewing Enrolment contracts. 2022 ACS webinars. 


  • Urgent¬† Update Covid Vaccine 2021¬†
    On 30 November 2021, Queensland’s Premier has announced that all staff employed by a school will need to receive their first vaccination against COVID-19 (if not already vaccinated) by 17 December 2021 and their second vaccination by 23 January 2021.
  • Issue 3, 2021
    Update: The effectiveness of waivers in schools, High school students required to wear face masks, Employee rights to refuse a COVID vaccination
  • Issue 2, 2021
    Update: Mandatory reporting of child sexual offences, Memorandum on information privacy law, Pathways for when international student visas expire
  • Issue 1, 2021
    Legal Update, Three key changes to the QLD Criminal Code relating to sexual offences reform


  • Issue 1, 2020
    Legal Update, Students poor performance, who is responsible? Need Assistance with school contracts?


  • Issue 3, 2019
    Update: Challenging Student Behaviours: Dealing Effectively with Students, Their Parents Other Families and Staff. Understanding and Navigating
    Informed Consent
  • Issue 2, 2019
    Update: How to deal with risks when it comes to extra-curricular school activities outside of school hours; Staff Social Media and Misconduct TVED
  • Issue 1, 2019
    Update: Not-for profits and kindergartens – what do they have in common?; How to deal with your uniform policy with respect to religious beliefs; Reviewing legal rights & challenges regarding mental health issues in schools.


  • Issue 3, 2018
    Update: How to manage your enrolments; Responding to sexting and student on student sexual abuse;
  • Issue 2, 2018
    Update: Is your school still struggling with the Notifiable Data Breach rules? Top Tip: What to do if there is a data breach at School; Managing harmful sexual behaviour in the school environment.
  • Issue 1, 2018
    Update: School Law Free Webinar Series; The Privacy Amendment Act; Understanding and navigating informed consent.


  • Issue 4, 2017
    Update: School Law Free Webinar Series; Discrimination in Schools Рuniform policy v religious belief; How to effectively use PAF and DGR funds?
  • ¬†Issue 3, 2017
  • Update: School Law Free Webinar Series; Removal of the Statute of Limitations for Child Sexual Abuse: Can the Court still permanently stay a claim? ; When are education contracts with related charitable entities ok?
  • Issue 2, 2017
    Update: School Law Free Webinar Series; Top Employment & Independent Contracting Tips for Schools; Has your School been tagged?
  • Issue 1, 2017
    Update: School Law Free Webinar Series; Privacy & the Recording of Conversations in Schools; Violent Students & the Law


  • Issue 4, 2016
    School Law Free Webinar Series 2017; New Fixed Fee Offering for School Enrolment Contract Reviews; Child Protection (Mandatory Reporting) Amendment Bill 2016 – Early Childhood Educators
  • Issue 3, 2016
    Gender Identity & Sexuality: LGBTI Issues in Schools; Private Schools – Your Rights As a Landowner Still Exist; The importance of workplace policy training of your staff
  • Issue 2, 2016
    Commonwealth Funding of Religious Schools is Constitutional; Managing Debt Collection Process; Insurance Clauses in Contracts
  • Issue 1, 2016
    School Enrolment Contracts; Social Media & Privacy in the Workplace; The Context: Why is there Mandatory Reporting?