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Have You Been Injured In A Cycling Accident?

It’s one thing to have a cycling accident because of your own fault and a completely different thing to get hit by a car.

In Queensland you have the right to claim compensation if you have had a cycling accident caused by the actions or negligence of someone else.

It’s the law.

The law is on your side because the life you enjoyed before is not the same anymore or the job you once worked is gone.

Sometimes, the only way to restore, at least in part, what you have lost because of someone else’s fault is to pursue a cycling accident compensation claim.

You’re entitled to it.

Cycling Accident Compensation Claims: Not For DIY Enthusiasts

Compensation Law is complex and difficult to navigate. And this is just law we’re talking about.

Add to the mix having to deal with insurance companies and you can see how lodging a cycling accident compensation claim on your own is the last thing you want to do when you’ve been injured in a cycling accident.

Make the slightest mistake with your cycling accident claim or miss a strict deadline and plop – the entire case goes down the drain.

It’s too easy to mess it up.

Let Our Bicycle Injury Lawyer Look After You

To get the maximum compensation amount you’re entitled to by law, you must submit conclusive evidence to support your cycling accident claim.

Think of doctors’ reports, details of the incident, ongoing care expenses, loss of income – this kind of stuff.

Do you think you are up for the task? Or maybe you’re better off to trust your cycling accident compensation claim to a skilled lawyer who is a cyclist himself, understands you and knows personal injury law like the back of his hand?

Your Cycling Accident & Our Free Initial Legal Advice

To start with, our bicycle injury lawyer offers a free, no obligation consultation for your cycling accident compensation claim.

You’ll sit down with him to find out straight answers about what he can do for your claim.

During the meeting, you’ll have the chance to get a feel of our firm and what we stand for.

To repeat, this is a free consultation (usually, an hour you spend with our lawyer costs at least $440).

On top of that, if your cycling accident compensation claim fails, we will not charge you a cent for the work we have already done for you.

It will be our loss, not yours.

If your cycling accident compensation claim succeeds, we’ll charge you only for the work we have done on your behalf.

This is our No Win – No Fee service.

In other words – What Do You Have to Lose? Nothing.

You engage a team of highly trained legal professionals led by a bicycle injury lawyer with years and years of experience in compensation law to act on your behalf without ever seeing a legal bill from us until we settle your claim for you.

Cycling Accident Compensation Claim In 4 Simple Steps

Speaking of engaging, this is our simple, 4-step cycling accident compensation claim process:

  1. Get in touch with us
    Book your free, no obligation consultation.
  2. Initial consult
    Tell us your story and what happened.
  3. Negotiation
    We manage all negotiations with the insurance company.
  4. Settlement
    We settle with the insurer and process your payment as soon as we receive it.

Cycling Accident Compensation Claims Process

Seek Medical Treatment

Make sure the injuries from your cycling accident receive immediate medical treatment. Your health and wellbeing is number one priority.

As far as your bicycle accident compensation claim goes, you’ll need to support it with medical records and receipts to insure the best possible outcome.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re fine only to discover later you need medical attention. Cycling accident injuries often take time to develop.

Point is – full and thorough medical examination following your cycling accident is absolutely necessary for your compensation claim to succeed.

Record Your Cycling Accident’s Details

Record or photograph the registration number and CTP insurer’s details of the car that caused the cycling accident you’ve been involved in.

If it was a hit-and-run accident, ask any witnesses for details they may have seen such as the rego number or the car make.

If none of this possible, you’re still eligible to claim cycling accident compensation under the Nominal Defendant Scheme.

Report Your Cycling Accident to Police

Do not delay and report your cycling accident to the police as soon as possible.

Make sure to record the police report’s number as this will be a very important reference in your bicycle accident compensation claim.

Complete Notice of Accident Claim Form

Download and fill in the relevant Notice of Accident Claim Form from the Motor Accident Insurance Commission.

Ask your medical practitioner to complete the Medical Certificate part of the form.

To complete the form, you’ll need:

  • registration number of the car that caused the cycling accident
  • police report number
  • medical certificates, reports, and receipts related to medical treatment you’ve received as the result of the cycling accident

Lodge Your Cycling Accident Claim

Lodge your cycling accident claim directly with the CTP insurer of the car that caused the cycling accident. You need to do this as soon as possible – there are strict time frames for lodging road accident compensation claims.

You Have 9 Months

  • From the date of the cycling accident to lodge your bicycle accident compensation claim with an CTP insurer, or
  • From the date your injury symptoms appeared the first time and you didn’t have them at the time of your cycling accident

You Have 3 Months

  • To lodge your bicycle accident compensation claim if the car causing the cycling accident wasn’t identified and you lodge your claim under the Nominal Defendant Scheme