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Counselling Services - Miranda Reid

Miranda Reid is an Advanced Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with over 20 years’ experience.  Based in Brisbane, working in private practice, providing counselling services at two locations (Herston and Ashgrove).

She has worked in domestic violence, youth homelessness, hospital, community centres, and in generalist counselling.

With Miranda you also have Medicare rebate potential: when a doctor provides you with a Mental Health Care Plan (allowing for Medicare to rebate a portion of costs for 6 sessions, and the potential for a further 4, upon doctor’s approval, within a calendar year). 

About Counselling

Counselling can be a way to relieve the build up of emotional strain; it can be like a release valve to express, reflect and give attention to your feelings within circumstances.  It is also like taking an emotional thermometer reading; more understanding of what is going on for you, more understanding of yourself. 

Counselling can also be valuable as the processing of thoughts that are connected to the feelings.  Counselling can encourage new thought patterns and fresh perspective. 

Counselling can also generate ideas for problem solving and for the development of strategies. It is a highly evidence based process, using a wide range of practice models and techniques as it works to bring new insight.

Counselling is non-judgemental, considerate and confidential.  It can be short term or longer term.  However, it is important to note that it is not a magic wand.  It can take time and courage to look at one’s painful experiences, but a healthy, honest look at pain can help with the healthy moving through it. 

The goal is to promote positive mental health and emotional growth.

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