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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Its impact

COVID-19 has had a global effect on countries, economies, travel, businesses and individuals alike. Australia’s response has been to implement a number of measures to help the economy, institutions and its people.

Restrictions are easing on gatherings
There is a restriction on the number of people gathering at any one time.
Roadmap to easing QLD restrictions
Social distance is our biggest weapon
Keep at 1.5 metres apart. No more handshakes. No more hugs . Wash hands regularly and use hand sanitizer.
Aged Care Restrictions
Anyone who has been overseas or in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 within a fortnight will be banned from visiting aged care homes. Aged care residents have strict restrictions as they are a vulnerable category group. Please contact the Aged Care facility for an update on their rules.
Travel ban of foreigners to Australia from 9pm Friday, 20 Mar 2020.
Level 4 restrictions on Australians to not travel overseas and Australians currently travelling overseas urged to return and upon entry will be placed in forced quarantine. This advice will remain in place indefinitely.
Economic Stimulus Package
On 12 March 2020, a $17.6 billion economic plan was issued to keep Australians in jobs, keep businesses in business and support households and the Australian economy as the world deals with the significant challenges posed by the spread of the coronavirus.
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Here at Corney & Lind, we want to help businesses and individuals during this period by offering a number of packages to keep enterprises from going under and individuals informed of their rights during this time. 

Corney & Lind are committed to serving our clients well. You can read about this here.

This page offers discounted legal packages, which will be delivered remotely and provides free legal information to help decision-makers during this uncertain period. 

Reduced Offer on Legal Services

COVID-19 Business Response Package

Ideal for businesses new to operating remotely
$ 990
incl GST
  • 1 hr initial teleconference consultation
  • Tailored Work From Home Policy
  • Tailored Privacy Policy (incl data protection & cybersecurity)
  • Access to senior lawyer for contractual questions (example force majeure clause, rental holiday)
Fixed fee

Not-for-profit & Charities Health Check

$ 770
incl GST
  • How the Australian Government stimulus package applies
  • What are the conditions applicable?
  • Understanding grants for your clients
  • Template work from home policy for staff
  • Template privacy policy (incl data protection & cyber security)
  • Access to a senior lawyer to discuss issues, like premises, gathering concerns, restrictions

Lease Response Package

Ideal for landlords and tenants
$ 550
incl GST
  • 1 hr initial phone / video conference
  • Prepare for rent relief or business hibernation
  • Assistance with identifying critical negotiating points
  • Template for business hibernation
  • A tailored meeting checklist

Employer Response Options

Need specific advice to navigate COVID-19
$ 440-550 incl GST
  • Tele / video conference with an employment lawyer
  • Choice A: 1.5 hours consult (incl 1 hr initial consult + pre-reading of docs)
  • Choice B: 1 hour consult (incl 1 hr initial consult, no pre-reading of docs)
  • Tailored legal advice specific to your business needs
  • Access to senior lawyer to discuss work from home, self-isolating employees, standing down, amended pay

Employee Help

Employment affected by COVID-19?
$ 330-440 incl GST
  • Choice A: 1 hour consult + pre-reading docs - we request and review relevant docs.
  • Choice B: 1 hour consult only, no pre-reading of docs
  • 1 hour consult to be done via tele / video conference
  • Ask questions regarding self-isolation, penalty for non-compliance, standing down, termination
  • Seek assistance on accessing government help
25% Off

FOC 1st consult

From the comfort of your home
$ 0
Ask about No Win No Fee
  • Been injured at work? Unable to travel? Are you in self-isolation?
  • Free video conference with our lawyers
  • ZOOM, FaceTime, Skype or WhatsApp options available

Remote options for Videoconference: or Teleconference

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