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Corney & Lind Legal Chatter Podcast – where we discuss different, but likely scenarios; provide general legal information and get to know our lawyers.
Please note that this podcast series, does not provide or intends to provide legal advice.  If you require specific legal advice for your situation, contact us here 

Being charged for an offence can be a daunting ordeal – even for adults. For children and youth, the experience can be frightening.

Join our lawyers, Luke Borgert & Ashleigh Fanning, as they discuss the Youth Justice system. The process, the implication of mental health issues, rehabilitation and restorative justice.

Corney & Lind Lawyers · Episode 30 – Youth Justice – What Happens When A Child Is Charged With A Criminal Offence?

For separating couples, making changes to a family trust is not as straightforward as one would think. In our latest podcast, our lawyer Fadzai Mamvura shares a few tips & traps to be aware of when making changes to a Trust. Fadzai also provides real life examples from case notes on the implications and the importance of getting it right.  

Have you read all the terms of your new employment contract? Do you fully understand all the terms?

On our latest Legal Chatter podcast, we share 10 tips that you should consider before you sign a new employment contract.


In response to the large number of inquiries we received this week from the Afghani community, we prepared a podcast that discusses Australian humanitarian and refugee law.

Join our refugee and migration lawyer, Simon Mason as he discusses Australian policies and processes that may assist onshore Afghani individuals seeking protection.

In our latest podcast we address Partner Visas. This pathway may be an option for a person who has been in Australia long-term, are a non-citizen and in a relationship.
Ervin Hii interviews our migration lawyer, Simon Mason on this topic.

In our latest Legal Chatter podcast, we discuss the high number of domestic and family violence cases recorded in 2020.
Unfortunately, this year, the numbers of domestic violence cases are not slowing down.
Our family law team Brooke Nickerson and Tabitha Gulley chat about this serious issue.
How we can take a stand against domestic violence?
What can you do if you are a victim or if you know someone who is a victim and much more.

On this episode of Legal Chatter, graduate law clerk Ervin Hii speaks to the newest member of the Corney and Lind team – Simon Mason.

To know about Simon, his passion for migration, a stint at the Nauru Regional Processing Centre and wide knowledge of visa sub-categories listen to Episode 24 of our Legal Chatter podcast.

Listen to the full episode here.

According to a Melbourne Institute survey, 1 in 3 Australians are unwilling to take a COVID-19 vaccine or are unsure.

So, in our latest podcast episode, we deviate from the usual legal discussions and dive into what are some practical expectations with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Director Heilala Tabete chats with Dr. Shane Mitchell, GP.

Listen to the full episode here.

Are you thinking of buying property in Queensland? Interested in real estate trends?

Our first legal chatter podcast of 2021, Directors Heilala Tabete and Eduardo Cruz talk to Sophie Foster, Digital Editor for Newscorp.

Sophie writes for the real estate/property section and shares real estate insights and great property tips for both buyers and sellers.

Did you know that if you keep a lost item, like a sum of money for your own use, without taking reasonable steps to reunite it with its true owner, it is a form of stealing?

In our latest Legal Chatter episode, our Lauren Hooper chats with senior lawyer, Luke Borgert on stealing by finding.

On Episode 20 of Legal Chatter, Courtney Linton chats with senior lawyer, Hongi Han on defamation as a litigious action. In a COVID era, where most people are spending time online, social media can easily end up in a court room if a post unverified or fallacious is made about someone else.

In our latest episode of Legal Chatter, we speak to our newest member of the Corney & Lind Family Team – Fadzai Mamvura.

Fadzai shares her inspirational story of moving from Zimbabwe to Australia.

Fadzai believes in giving back to the community she lives in and dedicates some of her time towards causes close to her heart, including, prevention of domestic violence, economic empowerment of women and girls, and access to education regarding your legal rights.

We hope this episode encourages you, as it did us.

On Episode 18 of Legal Chatter, lawyer Melissa Zulch chats with one of our Family Tree partners, John Siaki of S.S. Removals. John has seen the destructive impact domestic violence has on society. Here in Queensland, he says there has been a 30% increase in domestic violence cases during the COVID-19 pandemic. This surge often interrupts his own personal time, requiring intervention to help domestic violence survivors relocate to a safe space.

On Episode 17 of Legal Chatter, law clerk, Lauren Hooper chats with lawyer, Luke Borgert on all things Traffic. Traffic law can be confusing to most.

From accumulated demerit points, license suspension and how to apply for special hardship orders when you’re staring at a driving ban – Luke and Lauren clarify FAQs in this podcast.

In Legal Chatter’s Episode 16, former law clerk Elyse Staunton chats with former senior lawyer, Ashleigh Craig on how workplace bullying can stretch into the realm of social media.

On this weeks Legal Chatter, Associate Barry Klopper chats with lawyer Luke Borgert on Frequently Asked Questions regarding Adult Guardianship and its complexities.

Join Director Heilala Tabete, as she chats with senior lawyer Hongi Han on the ‘new norm’.

Our  IT & business development officer, Margherita Lamur also shares a few tips on how to keep potential customers engaging via social media and online channels.

In episode 13, Director Heilala Tabete and former Senior Lawyer Ashleigh Craig talk about an interesting case note regarding sexual harassment within the workplace and some tips for employers.

On Episode 12 of our Corney and Lind Legal Chatter Podcast, our lawyer Barry Klopper speaks with Rev. Tony Mora from Centi Oceania Church as he  shares his stories of God’s work during COVID-19

On Episode 11 of our Corney and Lind Legal Chatter Podcast, our lawyers Barry Klopper and Jozef Borja-Erece talk about Privacy and Cybersecurity.

Join our Senior Lawyer Barry Klopper on Episode 10 of Corney and Lind Legal Chatter as he talks about Residential Tenancies & Rooming Accommodation.

In this COVID-19 update, Barry Klopper and Hongi Han (both senior lawyers) of our Litigation Team ask each other impromptu Q&A’s to help our listeners understand the recent updates to commercial and residential tenancies, as well as JobKeeper.
In this podcast episode, our Directors James Tan & Heilala Tabete speak with senior lawyer, Barry Klopper, about the rapid changes made by the Australian government that has an effect on churches and businesses. They also chat about government direction and stimulus that has an effect on life as we know it.    
Our Director, James Tan and litigator, Barry Klopper, talk about the global pandemic of CO-VID19, its effect on institutions and individuals alike; and give practical tips for churches and businesses during this restriction period.
Are you a Youth Group Leader in your church? Do you understand your Duty of Care? On this episode James Tan, Judith Mendes and Luke Borgert talk about experiences as a Youth Leader and the Duty of Care associated with this role.
On this special podcast recording, Special Counsel Eustacia Yates talks to Miranda Reid. Miranda is an Advanced Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with over 20 years’ experience. Based in Brisbane, working in private practice, providing counselling services at two locations (Herston and Ashgrove).
Here is our first podcast for 2020. Social media is a handy tool for Church communication. However, it’s use and privacy are emerging legal issues which Churches face. On this episode James Tan, Judith Mendes and  Jozef Borja-Erece talk about situations where social media use causes difficulty, and when uploading photos from church camps creates issues with privacy.
Are you setting up a new Church? Do you need help with structuring and governance? Listen to our podcast between James Tan  and Kathleen Stonehouse on Church structuring.
James Tan and Judith Mendes speak with Nina Flewell-Smith on the new ACNC External Conduct Standards that impacts Australian charities who provide overseas funding. In this episode, Nina discusses the various avenues involved in giving overseas, due diligence factors to consider and accountability measures to safeguard charities against breaching the new standards.

Episode 1 asks the questions: Do you pastor a Church? Or work in Ministry? As a Pastor, Church Counsellor, Youth Ministry worker or Volunteer, we find members of our larger church family come to us with questions about how to deal with domestic violence issues in the church.

In our 1st Corney & Lind Legal Chatter, James Tan and Eustacia Yates speak candidly about domestic violence as it is reported in churches, some practical tips to help congregation members and what a protection order process can look like.

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