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Corney & Lind Legal Chatter Podcast – where we discuss different, but likely scenarios; provide general legal information and get to know our lawyers.
Please note that this podcast series, does not provide or intends to provide legal advice.  If you require specific legal advice for your situation, contact us here 

Here is our first podcast for 2020.

Social media is a handy tool for Church communication. However, it’s use and privacy are emerging legal issues which Churches face.

On this episode James Tan, Judith Mendes and  Jozef Borja-Erece talk about situations where social media use causes difficulty, and when uploading photos from church camps creates issues with privacy.

Are you setting up a new Church? Do you need help with structuring and governance?

Listen to our podcast between James Tan  and Kathleen Stonehouse on Church structuring.


James Tan and Judith Mendes speak with Nina Flewell-Smith on the new ACNC External Conduct Standards that impacts Australian charities who provide overseas funding.

In this episode, Nina discusses the various avenues involved in giving overseas, due diligence factors to consider and accountability measures to safeguard charities against breaching the new standards.

Episode 1 asks the questions: Do you pastor a Church? Or work in Ministry? As a Pastor, Church Counsellor, Youth Ministry worker or Volunteer, we find members of our larger church family come to us with questions about how to deal with domestic violence issues in the church.

In our 1st Corney & Lind Legal Chatter, James Tan and Eustacia Yates speak candidly about domestic violence as it is reported in churches, some practical tips to help congregation members and what a protection order process can look like.