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In what instance does procedural delay warrant an extension of time?

Case note: Dunbabin v Camilleri [2021] QCA 144 More often than not, Courts are bound by legislation that sets out strict times frames for procedural compliance. However, in this case, a decision on an appeal for extension of time was granted in this personal injury matter. Facts On 2 November 2017, the respondent in this

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COVID-19 vaccination dismissals and remedies

Marriot v Baptcare Limited [2022] FWC 300 As a result of mandatory COVID-19 vaccination requirements in the States and Territories across Australia, the Fair Work Commission has had to consider and determine numerous applications from employees about unfair dismissal or general protections involving dismissal, in which the employee alleges they were dismissed because they did,

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Breakdown of a De Facto Relationship?

A look at Fairbairn v Radecki [2022] HCA 18 Had there been a breakdown of a de facto relationship? This was the question the High Court of Australia had to determine in the recent case of Fairbairn v Radecki [2022] HCA 18. Background In late 2005 or early 2006, Ms Fairbairn and Mr Radecki commenced

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#DFVPM2022 #EndDFV #notnownotevertogether The month of May in Queensland is Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month (“DFVP Month”). DFVP Month aims to raise awareness of domestic and family violence in the community, and to communicate Queensland’s position that domestic and family violence is not tolerated. In 2022, the theme for DFVP month is ‘All of

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Domestic and Family Violence 2022 QLD Reforms

In a historic and groundbreaking move, on 10 May 2022 Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced a suite of Queensland reforms addressing domestic and family violence.   In a joint statement, The Queensland Premier and the Attorney General, Shannon Fentiman, provided an overview of the updates including:   “New laws and programs to recognise, prevent and punish coercive control

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