Post Covid-19 Updates for Businesses – Check In Collection and Restrictions Lifted

As Queensland and the rest of Australia experience a Post Covid-19 transition, various changes and updates have been introduced. 

 This article provides an update on the easing of restrictions for businesses.  

What business restrictions have been lifted? 

From 14 April 2022, there are no more check in or vaccination requirements for the following businesses:  

  • Hospitality Venues   
    • Hotels 
    • Pubs 
    • Clubs 
    • Taverns 
    • Bars 
    • Restaurants 
    • Cafes  
    • Dine-in at fast food (quick service) restaurants 
  • Indoor entertainment venues  
    • Nightclubs 
    • Live music venues 
    • Karaoke bars 
    • Concerts 
    • Theatres 
    • Cinemas 
    • Casinos 
  • Outdoor Entertainment Activities  
    • Sporting stadiums 
    • Theme parks 
    • Festivals – indoor or outdoor 
    • Musical festivals 
    • Folk festivals 
    • Arts festivals 
  • Activities – indoor or outdoor 
    • Convention centres 
    • Showgrounds 
  • Queensland Government-owned galleries, museums or libraries 
  • Weddings (only if all attendees are fully vaccinated). 

This takes the burden off many businesses In limiting entry to patrons. 

Businesses no longer have to collect customer information through the Check-in App, or check the vaccination status of customers.  

Can I still ask for proof of vaccination?  

While it is not mandatory to request vaccination status from customers and patrons, businesses are still permitted to ask for proof of vaccination status.  

Are there any businesses/services that must still have vaccination requirements?  

Vulnerable and high-risk settings must still use the Check-In App to check vaccination requirements.  

These include: 

Vulnerable Settings 

  • Hospitals  
  • Disability accommodation services  
  • Residential aged care  

High Risk Settings  

  • Schools  
  • Childcare centres  
  • Prisons  
  • Airports  

Do I still have Covid-19 business obligations? 

While some Covid-19 restrictions have eased such as the collection of Check-In information and vaccination requirements, businesses are still required to remain vigilant about the health and safety of its workplace for employees and customers.  

What happens if a customer with covid visits your premises? 

It is advisable to follow the Queensland Health directives. Advice for businesses affected by a Covid-19 case can be accessed at the Queensland Health Website. The current direction (as of 22 April 2022 ) states the following steps to follow if you have Covid-19:  

  1. Immediately isolate for 7 days  
  1. Tell your household contacts follow the steps for close contacts  
  1. Manage your symptoms and health  
  1. Get food and medication and other necessities delivered  
  1. Tell your work, social and education contacts to get tested if showing symptoms. 

What happens if an employee contracts covid? 

If a staff member contracts covid they must complete isolation from 7 days of their positive testing. There is no requirement for a negative test upon recommencement after the 7 days.  

Covid Safe Business Plan  

Although many restrictions have eased, it is important that businesses remain vigilant and maintain appropriate health and safety measures. Businesses are required to continue to:  

  • Encourage a 1.5 metre spacing when physically interacting; 
  • Regularly clean and disinfect business areas and premises; 
  • Encourage hand and respiratory hygiene including washing hands regularly and thoroughly;  
  • Advise staff to stay at home, if they feel unwell or have covid like symptoms. 

To read more about the changes to business restrictions

If you need assistance in Covid safe policies, our Lawyers can help!   

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