Jobkeeper payment COVID-19 Fast Facts

Related to our two earlier COVID-19 Employment FAST Facts 1 & 2. This week so far in context: We have seen: The government unveil the Jobkeeper payment COVID-19 package essentially involving a $130 billion payment. Information start to be disseminated from various government websites providing details on this payment designed to help keep Australians in … Read more

Are Awards being relaxed in response to the disruptions caused by COVID-19?

Mid-last week a modern award was varied for the first time in the Fair Work Commission in response to the disruptions experienced by business owners and workers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Australian Hotels Association supported by the United Workers Union sought the addition of a special COVID-19 flexibility schedule into the Hospitality Industry … Read more

COVID-19 Employment FAST FACTS

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Employment Fast Facts to frequently asked questions: Should employees be working in the office, or working from home? What happens if workers choose to self-isolate/quarantine? Can workers be directed by their employer to self-isolate/quarantine? Can workers be stood down by their employer? What happens to their pay? Current context: Yesterday Australians woke to … Read more

How to vaccinate against the coronavirus threat to your business or job

Natural disasters are not new to Australians.  We have suffered together through floods, bushfires, cyclones and drought, always relying on our unique Australian culture of mateship, embodying equality, loyalty and friendship.  The coronavirus or COVID-19 is just another challenge which we will overcome.  The spread of the coronavirus in Australia presents some interesting challenges for … Read more