Criminal Lawyers

We aim to deliver Just, Redemptive Outcomes®

Being charged for an offence can be a daunting ordeal.

Often, it is difficult to know exactly what to do after it has happened. Our Brisbane criminal defence and traffic lawyers are here to help.

Our Expert Criminal Defense & Traffic Law Team

Our Criminal Defence and Traffic Law Team is headed by Alistair Macpherson, Director.

Alistair is a former criminal prosecutor and also worked as a legal adviser / solicitor with the Australian Federal Police. In his various roles, Alistair enjoyed the benefit of representing the State and clients in criminal matters on both sides of the bar table.

Our focus on just, redemptive outcomes means we “journey” through your situation with you, taking the time to explain the process and ensuring you are never left overwhelmed.

Need a Brisbane-based Criminal Defence or Traffic Lawyer?

When you call our office, speak with our client engagement team, Heilala Tabete.

Heilala is a former criminal prosecutor. Heilala is able to quickly assess your matter, identify a suitable member of our Criminal Law Team depending on the severity of your charge and provide efficient service in getting your matter assisted with expediently.

How Can Our Team Help You?

We offer our services for matters across the whole spectrum of Criminal Law, from small traffic matters to serious criminal charges.

Areas that our Brisbane Criminal Defence and Traffic Lawyers commonly advise on include:

Criminal Offences

Traffic Offences