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Our Criminal Defence Team

Alistair Macpherson
Alistair Macpherson​

Managing Director

Alistair is a former criminal prosecutor and also worked as a legal adviser / solicitor with the Australian Federal Police. In his various roles, Alistair enjoyed the benefit of representing the State and clients in criminal matters on both sides of the bar table.

Luke Borgert​

Senior Lawyer

Luke has a genuine passion for people and community. He understands that the legal system can be a precarious and difficult arena for those outside law and so he is passionate about guiding clients through the legal process to a ‘fresh start’ on the other side.

Ashleigh Fanning​


Ashleigh is a firm believer in justice and the right to legal representation for all people. She has worked on a range of matters from drink driving & theft to armed robbery and drug trafficking. Ashleigh has developed a skill for advocacy, regularly appearing on her feet in the Magistrates, District & Supreme Courts

Francisca Mayer


Francisca is an Honours Graduate in Law & Justice. Francisca’s sense for justice sees her serving both the individual and institutional clients well through diligence, efficiency and clear communication to achieve the best outcome for them.

Melissa Sidney​


Melissa has a passion for criminal law. She helps her clients understand the charges against them, whether minor traffic offences or serious criminal charges, and guides her clients  every step as they progress through the criminal justice system.

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